Protein Function

Protein function helps during growth, maintenance, and building enzymes, hormones, and immunity. Therefore, the protein is often referred to as builder substances. Proteins are divided by two, ie, derived from animal and vegetable. Protein requirements in each individual is different. Protein-containing food sources include fish, eggs, meat, dairy, and nuts.

Not all parents know how many actually fit the required dose of the child. Since the excess nutrients are also not good for growing children.

* 0-6 months of age, weight 6 kg, the AKP was 9 grams. At the age of 7-11 months with weight 8.5 kg PPA required 15 g. Ages 1-3 years with 12 kg weight was 19 g. PPA Ages 4-6 years with BB 18 kg, the AKP was 22 g. 7-9 years of age, weight 25 kg, the AKP was 29 g. Aged 10-12 years (men), weight 35 kg, the AKP was 40 g. age 13-15 years, weight 46 kg PPA was 47 g. and, ages 16-18 years, weight 55 kg PPA took 56 g.
* Age, 10-12 (daughter), weight 31 kg, 38 g PPA Age 13-15 years, weight 48 kg, 49 g PPA While the age of 16-18 years, weight 50 kg, 51 g PPA.

Protein function:
1. as the enzyme
Almost all biological reactions accelerated or assisted by micro-molecule compound specific; from the very simple reaction such as reaction to transport carbon dioxide to very complex such as replication kromosom.Hampir katalisatik all enzymes showed a remarkable power and generally accelerate the reaction

2. Conveyance and storage equipment
Many small molecules with molecular weight as well as a few ions can be transported or moved by certain proteins.

3. regulating the movement
Protein is the main component of meat, muscle movement occurs because of the two protein molecules that play a role of actin and myosin

4. supporting mechanical
Strength and tear resistance due to skin and bones kalogen, an elliptic protein and easy to form fibers.

5. control growth
It works as a receptor protein that can interfere with the functioning of DNA that regulate the nature and character of the material

6. Media implus propagation neural
The protein has a function is usually a receptor, etc..

The total portion of energy that you should maintain is carbohydrates 46%, fat 42%, and protein 12%

Diet Therapy in Coroner Patients

Today heart disease and blood vessel becomes the no.1 killer in the world and the number of sufferers continues to grow. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that cardiovascular disease will be the biggest cause of deaths worldwide in 2020.

Heart disease is a disease that interferes with the vascular system, or more precisely attack the heart and veins, some examples such as the heart coronary heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, chest pain and diseases rheumatic heart.

Cardiovascular diseases (blood vessel), among others:
a. Atherosclerosis is a process in which a plaque (clot) which mainly consists of fat settles along the walls of the arteries. Most heart disease (such as coronary heart disease) caused by atherosclerosis, which include accumulation of plaque inside artery walls.

Some theories of the formation of atherosclerosis (heart disease):
i. Theory of a reaction to tissue damage that is the reaction of damage to endhotelium with the formation of deposits that are filled with substance – fatty substances and other substances.
ii. Monoclonal theory is the existence isoenzymes found in lesions and cell multiplication ploriferasi forming atheroma.
iii. Theory lysosomal lysosomal enzyme can abolish degradation of the cell – the cell to continue the formation of atheroma.

b. Myocardial infarction is another name of a heart attack, occurs when a portion of heart muscle not receiving enough oxygen, mainly due to coronary artery blockage. Because heart muscle cells, require oxygen for life, then the area of ??heart muscle that gets the blood supply that has the blockage will experience tissue death. Areas that experienced the death of heart muscle tissue is referred to as an area of ??infarction. Areas of infarction are not functioning normally, such as healthy heart muscle. This condition may be able to recover if blood flow to the infarct area to be repaired or blood vessel blockage of arteries that had corrected with surgery or drugs as early as possible. When too late, then the blocked coronary arteries can not be repaired anymore, so that tissue death is settled and will cause other complications such as congestive heart trouble. The heart is a powerful pump that is responsible drain blood to the vital tools throughout the body via a complex network of arteries and veins. It is therefore very important kept your heart and blood vessels remain in good condition.

c. Hopeless Heart Failure is a condition where the heart is not able to pump enough blood to tissues throughout the body needs. Networks that do not receive enough oxygen supply to meet their needs will be weakened, impaired function and even tissue death. Decreased ability to pump blood the heart can occur due to various causes, including myocardial infarction or atherosclerosis. In the event of failure of cardiac function, there will be barriers to the flow of blood in the blood pembuluh2. As a result, some blood will return to the heart, causing congestion and increased pressure within the circuit or circuits pulmonary and systemic. Symptoms and signs as follows:
– Shortness of breath especially during physical activity, but when severe, shortness may occur even at rest.
– Swelling of the liver, stomach and legs due to fluid deposits.

d. Coronary heart disease is narrowing / blockage (arteriosclerosis) coronary arteries caused by the buildup of fatty substances (cholesterol, triglycerides) are more and more and accumulate beneath the innermost layer (endothelium) of the artery wall.

e. Hypertension is high blood pressure effects on the cardiovascular system may increase the risk of damage to the heart, kidneys, eyes and even the brain. High blood pressure can lead to uncontrolled heart trouble, kidney failure, blindness and stroke.

Below are some diet that you could apply:
1. Drinking three glasses of orange juice every day. This can increase HDL by 21%, within four weeks. According to Elzbieta Kurowska, Ph.D. from the University of Westrn Ontario, flovonoid content, can be called hesperidin in orange juice which contribute to the increased levels of HDL (Budiyanto, 2002).
2. Avoid excessive stress. Stress can cause elevated levels of the hormone epinephrine resulting in increased blood pressure and heart rate making it easier to damage to blood vessel walls.
3. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyles can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and obesity, these factors are the cause of heart disease.
4. Consuming neutriceutical / herbs of choice. Such as Omega 3, which proved able to suppress LDL / bad cholesterol, as well as Spirulina which contains antioxidants and carotenoids in high amounts. Antioxidants prevent plaque in blood vessels caused by free radical oxidation.

And of course the last one is sport activities, jogging or running are proven to be the cheapest yet effective exercise on dealing your weight issues and heart disease.

Diet Therapy for person with Obesity

Obesity or overweight is a physiological condition where excess fat is stored in body tissues. Someone said to obesity when weight loss exceeded 10% of ideal body weight. Obesity is a problem since time immemorial. This situation is one of the longest metabolic abnormalities recorded in a history as seen on a clay sculpture that dates back to approximately 22,000 BC. The statue depicts an obese middle-aged woman. Obesity and still always recorded throughout history, from the time of ancient Egypt and Greece, and even even today remains a problem, especially in terms of its treatment.

Obesity raises a variety of effects, both in terms of psychosocial and medical problems. People who are obese have a lot of difficulty in performing daily physical activity and obese people who took out the daily cost for food and clothing which are larger and can also have issues in the relationship of husband and wife and small children are often found on self-identification issues. In medical point of view, diseases such as cholesterol level increases, and heart disease are some examples that could cause by obesity. Some resources giving numerous program and good results as well such as you could found in plexus slim directory. Okay, lets have a look at diet therapy for person with obesity.

In an effort to prevent and treat obesity growth, necessary knowledge about the causes of excess fat in the body. There are few businesses that can be done to reduce the occurrence of obesity, namely:
1. sport
2. Reduce consumption of fat
3. Consume more protein
4. Consume lots of fiber foods.

In general, the treatment of obesity can be done through:
1. Special diet that is low-calorie diet, where there are foods rich in fiber and low in fat, where the fiber-rich foods will cause gastric high emptlyng (durable in the stomach), binds to fat or cholesterol, transit time (time to live in the intestines) low and resulted in the old sense of satiety.
2. Physical exercise, which is very effective for weight loss, when accompanied by restrictions on caloric intake.
3. Changing dietary behaviors which can be done by changing induce an appetite by stimulating the metabolic state of anorexia is accompanied by mobilization of lipids.
4. surgery
5. Farma kologik
Treatment of obesity aim to lose weight or maintain normal weight. Generally, target weight loss is recommended in the first phase is 10 percent of body weight within six months. Weight loss is recommended 0.5 -1 kg per week. Excessive weight loss is not recommended because it generally does not last long.

The recommended dietary therapy is low-calorie diet. The amount of energy given 500-1000 fewer calories than the average energy intake per day. Decrease energy intake by 500-1000 calories per day will lose weight from 0.5 to 1 kg per week.

Low-calorie diet should be a kind – the kind of glut of high degree of food that can help people remain obedient. The selection of foods should be tailored to the type of food the patient before, only a limited amount of calories. The easiest way is to reduce the frequency of eating out or reduce the main meal snacks, especially dense in calories. Choosing foods low in fat and replace with high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables. However, intake of vitamins and minerals should be safeguarded in order to meet daily needs.

Physical exercise in patients with obesity should be done in conjunction with low-calorie diet to increase fat burning, physical exercise helps maintain weight loss that are not easily rise again. Is the recommended exercise with moderate intensity for at least 30 minutes with a frequency of 3-5 times per week. Should also increase physical activity such as walking, house cleaning, and reduce sedentary lifestyle such as watching television and playing video games.

A balanced low-calorie diet with foods high in fiber is the main alternative in tackling obesity. Raw foods, like vegetables and fruits contain high fiber, especially water-soluble fiber types, such as pectin, musilase, and gum. The water-soluble fiber is able to provide satiety longer. The water-soluble fiber is capable of forming gels, but low in calories. This causes the volume of food in the stomach to be large (bulky voluminous) so that people feel full sooner. Another function of the soluble fiber in the small intestine is able to bind ampedu acid. Reduced bile acid will slow the intestinal absorption of fat. The presence of fibers also play small intestine mucosal lining that will increase the viscosity of food volume and slowing the absorption of glucose. As a result the body can be protected from excess calories.

Bacteria and Food Nutrition

Continuing last articles about people with AIDS and its nutrition, these article will discuss more specific about bacteria inside food that should be avoided by them.

When the AIDS virus damages or destroys the immune system, people become more susceptible to infection by bacteria and other food pathogens. For example, ordinary pneumonia caused by bacterial infection in the lungs, can occur in any individual, but more often occurs in people with AIDS. In addition, when pneumonia that strikes people with AIDS, it causes more severe illness and even more dangerous.

Some of these bacteria are:
The bacteria Salmonella is a bacterial disease-causing food is the most common. The bacteria are commonly found in raw meat (especially poultry) and can be found in eggs even before they crack open. Salmonellosis can affect anyone, but occurs almost 100 times more frequently in patients with AIDS compared with other diseases. Moreover, Salmonella infection, which occurs in people with AIDS, in fact more difficult to maintain and more likely to lead to serious complications.

Diseases of Campylobacter jejuni is also caused by bacteria that can sometimes be found in foods, especially raw poultry. This disease occurs about 35 times more frequently in AIDS compared with healthy people. Many people suffered food poisoning due to improper cooking poultry. Contamination of drinking water because raw milk can also be a source of Campylobacter infection.

Listeriosis caused by Listeria monocytogenes that can be found in various types of food. Listeria infections are more common in people with AIDS than healthy people. Listeria infections in AIDS patients is usually severe and often fatal. Listeria monocytogenes can be obtained from a variety of foods including unpasteurized cheeses and prepared foods such as hot dogs meat delivery.

Food must be handled safely at every stage from purchase to consumption. An important point is to transport perishable food purchased from stores to immediately secured in a storage area; directly cooked to destroy bacteria and other pathogens.

Nutrition for person with AIDS

People with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are susceptible to various kinds of infectious diseases including food pathogens. They have a higher risk than healthy people as individuals to cope with severe illness or death. Personal attention is required for food handling. The recommendations given here are designed to help prevent bacterial diseases of food.

At the time of people infected with HIV / AIDS, the immune system in the body will decrease. At that time, if there is malnutrition, then the immune system will go down and the greater the likelihood of disease.

Good nutrition means there is a good food intake, body weight maintained, and muscle tissue, as well mikronutriea status in the body remains in good condition. The result, can strengthen the immune system so it can fight HIV and other infections. Resistance to infection was increased, such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, and respiratory infections.

Insufficient dietary intake can cause mal-absorption, diarrhea, impaired metabolism and storage nutriea, resulting in deficiency nutriea. Next, this could encourage nutricy deficiency increases oxidative stress and lowered immune system. As a result, increased HIV replication and also increasing the chances of developing the disease, also morbidity.

In addition, people infected with HIV usually experience symptoms that affect the nutritional intake can result in malnutrition. Among others, anorexia or loss of appetite, diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting that often, fungal infections, and anemia. Therefore, people living with HIV has its own nutritional needs compared to healthy individuals.

Some foods that are caused by bacteria that can grow on food. Bacteria can infect humans when food is not feasible or not cook it cooked. Like many kinds of infections, persons with AIDS are at higher risk to get severe illness or death from this disease. Three types of bacteria that need to be specifically for people with AIDS: Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni, and Listeria monocytogenes.

In the next article all of these three will be discussed more further.

Nutrient Food

You are what you eat. This old adage is still relevant. Consider that there are more examples due to wrong diet cause high blood pressure, heart disease, uric acid, and cholesterol.

All disease is caused by eating foods that contain excessive levels of fat. Therefore, examine food choices. Here are a variety of foods high in nutrients that are good for our health and able to resist illness.

The fruit is very popular and universal. Benefits of apples, among others, prevent cholesterol, reduce symptoms due to indigestion, and prevent excess fat. Eating two apples per day can reduce the pain due to arthritis, rheumatism, and gout (uric acid metabolism abnormalities in up to cause pain in joints).

This one fruit rich in beta carotene, is useful for curing infections and smooth the skin.

Those who like to eat avocado (avocado), continue this practice because the fruit is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. This fruit contains potassium that are useful to neutralize the bad digestion. Avocados contain monounsaturated fat, or fat that is chemically so powerful that it can absorb additional hydrogen, but not as much as plural unsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat. Avocados also produces a lot of collagen as beneficial to make skin look smooth and youthful. The fruit is also good for the circulatory system and be useful to increase fertility.

The fruit is most quickly absorbed by the digestive besides the taste is sweet and delicious. Therefore, wine is the main fruit provided in the patient wards of hospitals in the West. Wine beneficial relieve arthritis, rheumatism, and fatigue.

Source of potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B6, and fiber is useful for digestive system and menstruation. Athletes who need an instant supply of potassium is recommended to consume bananas.

The fruit is rich in vitamin C, iron, potassium, and beta carotene. The amount of iron in the fruit is very good to supplement a vegetarian diet. Meanwhile, the juice is useful to eradicate the bacteria and effectively to treat urinary tract infections and cystitis (bladder inflammation).

Contains lots of fiber, B vitamins, minerals, and vitamin C. The best potatoes for consumption is a boiled or baked. Because the rich nutrients – particularly potassium and fiber – potatoes good for skin health.

This dark green vegetable source of beta carotene, iron, and fiber making it useful for curing anemia and those who frequently feel exhausted. Broccoli is also known as anti-cancer when consumed along with cauliflower, radish, cabbage, spring greens, turnip (Chinese radish), and brusell spout.

In the world of cooking, garlic is always included. Arguably, every dish is delicious garlic flavor thanks to the contribution.
In addition to flavor and scent the dish, the garlic had always been known as one of the medicinal herbs that are effective and used by the doctors during the rule of the imperial dynasty in China to Europe.
Smelly garlic can prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, prevent blood clotting, causing heart attacks, fighting various infections, stomach disorders, and cancer prevention. Because of its efficacy, garlic dubbed King of Healing Plants.

Olive oil
Contains vitamin E, monounsaturated, fatty acids are beneficial to prevent cholesterol, stimulates the gall performance because it helps digest fat. Olive oil in the international marketing of olive oil is called the main ingredient in cooking community in the Mediterranean countries. Therefore, no wonder if the rare Mediterranean population of the diseased heart.

Everyday cooking ingredients is to protect and regulate the circulatory system, a powerful antibiotic, to help the healing disorders in the chest and abdomen, urinary tract infections, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and scrape the fat in the blood.

Thick white fluid is useful for treating stomach disorders, such as constipation and diarrhea. The content of vitamin B and calcium suitable for those who are allergic to milk.

Milk and cheese
Rich in calcium, so good for health, but bad for patients with sinusitis and those with milk allergies. For migraine sufferers, it is not advisable to consume cheese, as well as skim milk, and semi-skimmed including children under five.

Foods – like pizza – which is not derived from our homeland has become a prestigious snack in large cities. Well, if the country of origin of Italian food is nutritious? Origin is not accompanied by fat and sauces, pasta quite nutritious, containing fiber, minerals, and vitamin B.

Protein Sources

Most proteins form large structures within the cell termasuklah as enzymes and respiratory pigments. Proteins are formed from units principles that are recognized as ASID acids. Proteins may define into two types of fibrous proteins namely that much depends on the secondary structure of this protein shapes where it may be repeated.

When the second form is the globular proteins (enzymes and antibodies) that a lot depends on the interaction-free structure that there are 20 kinds of amino ASID is used to form the polypeptide chain (protein) function, shape, size and type of proteins will be determined by the type, number and a sprinkling of acid acids contained in such structures. Naming a few amino acids called revenge condensation with the enactment characterized peptide bond formation and the formation of water molecules.

This naming will result in a peptide chain is more recognizable as a polypeptide chain with two ends having a different nature. At the end of which has a collection of amino acids recognized as the terminal N (amino) and ends that have a collection known as the terminal carboxyl N. grafting chain amino acids require high power and precision of the amino acid sequence in this chain also depends on the coordination between mRNA and tRNA.

Protein is a part of all living cells and is the largest part of the body after water. One fifth of the body proteins, half of whom are in the muscle, fifth in the bone and cartilage, the tenth in the skin, and the rest in other tissues, and body fluids. All enzymes, hormones, transport nutrients and blood, intra-cellular matrix and so is protein. Besides amino acids that form proteins act as precursors of most of the coenzymes, hormones, nucleic acids, and molecules essential for life. Proteins have unique functions that can not be digantika by other nutrients, namely to build and maintain cells and tissues.

Proteins are formed by using only a single polypeptide and is referred to as monomeric proteins formed by several polypeptide for example, hemoglobin is also recognizable as a multimeric protein. Most proteins are enzymes or subunits of enzymes. Other types of proteins play a role in structural or mechanical functions, such as proteins that form the stems and joints cytoskeleton. Proteins involved in the immune system (immune) as an antibody, the control system in the form of the hormone, as a storage component (the seeds) and also in nutrient transport. As one source of nutrients, proteins play a role as a source of amino acids for organisms that are not able to form these amino acids (heterotrophic).

Proteins discovered by Jons Jakob Berzelius in 1838. Biosynthesis of natural proteins with genetic expression. DNA carried the genetic code is transcribed into RNA, which acts as a template for translation is done ribosoma. Until this stage, the protein is still “raw”, are composed of amino acids proteinogenik. Through post-translational mechanisms, it becomes fully functional protein in biology.

In the life of the protein plays an important chemical processes in the body can run well because of the enzyme that serves as a biocatalyst. Besides hemoglobin in red blood beads or erythrocytes that functions as a carrier of oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body, is one type of protein. Similarly, substances that act against bacterial disease called antigens, also a protein.

Proteins from the food we eat everyday can be derived from animal and vegetable. Proteins derived from animal foods such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, and other so-called animal protein, whereas proteins derived from plants such as beans, tempeh, and tofu is called vegetable protein. Previously, animal protein is considered higher quality than plant protein balanced diet, because it contains amino acids that is more complete.

But the results of recent research proves that the quality of vegetable proteins can be as high quality animal protein, provided that the daily diet varied. Protein is needed for growth, development, muscle formation, the formation of red blood cells, the body’s defense against disease, enzymes and hormones, and synthesis of other body tissues. Proteins are digested into amino acids, which then formed the body of protein in muscles and other tissues. Proteins can serve as an energy source when carbohydrates are consumed as insufficient at the time of strict dieting or at the time of intensive physical exercise. Instead, approximately 15% of total calories consumed from protein.

Fat or Lipid: A Guide to understand the Obesity

Fat Sources

Fats, also called lipids, is a substance that is rich in energy, serves as the primary source of energy for the body’s metabolic processes. Fats that circulate in the body that is derived from two sources of food and production of liver, which can be stored in fat cells as energy reserves. The function of fat is as a source of energy, protective organ, cell formation, a source of essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins conveyances, conserve protein, give a sense of fullness and delicacy, as a lubricant, and maintain body temperature. Clinically, the fat that matters is:

There are four types of fat / lipid as described below:

Most of the fats and oils in nature consisting of 98-99% triglycerides. Triglyceride is an ester of glycerol. Triglycerides are formed from 3 fatty acids and glycerol. If there is a fatty acid with glycerol in the bond then called monoglycerides. Triglycerides are the main functions as an energy substance.

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is most known by the public. Cholesterol is a major component in the structure of cell membranes and is a major component of brain and nerve cells. Cholesterol is an intermediate material for the formation of a number of important components such as vitamin D (to establish & maintain healthy bones), sex hormones (eg Estrogen & Testosterone) and bile acids (for digestion). Formation of cholesterol in the body occurs primarily in the liver (50% of total synthesis) and the rest in the intestine, skin, and all the networks that have nucleated cells. The types of foods that contain lots of cholesterol include meat (beef and poultry), fish and dairy products. Foods derived from animal meat usually contain lots of cholesterol, but the foods derived from plants contain no cholesterol.

Lipid Plasma
In general, fats are not water soluble, which means also not soluble in blood plasma. So that fat can be transported into the bloodstream, the fat must be made soluble by means tying on proteins that are soluble in water. The bond between fats (cholesterol, triglycerides, and phospholipids) with a protein called lipoproteins (from the Lipo = fat, and protein).

Fatty Acid
According to the presence or absence of double bonds contained fatty acids, the fatty acids can be divided into:
1. Saturated fatty acids (Cn H2NO2), saturated fatty acid (SFA)
Saturated fatty acids are fatty acids that have a single bond carbon ato (C) where masinh the individual atoms will bind to this C atom is H.contohnya: butyric acid (C4), kaproait acid (C6), kaprotat acid (C8) and capric acid (C10). Generally, until denagan capric acid (C10) this is fluid and lauric acid until the acid began to be solid lignoserat.

2. Monounsaturated fatty acid
Not a single saturated fatty acids are fatty acids which always contains a double bond 2 kehilangn an iron atom C with at least 2 atoms of H. For example burat Acid, Acid palmitoleat (C12), and oleic acid (C18) commonly found in many vegetable or animal fats.

3. Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) (Cn H2n) 2

Unsaturated fatty acids with double bonds of fatty acids merpakan lots containing more than one bond rangkap.Asam this fat will lose at least 4 atoms H.contohnya linoleic fatty acids, etc.

The function of fat is generally named as source of energy, raw materials hormone, helps transport fat-soluble vitamins, as an insulating material to temperature changes, as well as protective organs inside the body. One study has reported that experimental animals do not get sufficient amount of fat in the diet will experience growth retardation, and some have stopped growing and eventually die. The lack of fat in the diet will also cause the skin to become dry and scaly.

In the digestive tract, fats and oils will be long in the stomach compared with carbohydrates and proteins, as well as fat absorption process is slower than other elements. Therefore, foods that contain fat capable of providing a longer sense of satiety than foods with less or no fat.

One function is to supply the amount of fat energy, where one gram of fat contains 9 calories, while 1 gram of carbohydrate contains only 4 calories. Another function of fat is to help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. In addition, fat is also a source of essential fatty acids that can not be produced by the body and must be supplied from food. The function of fat as raw material for hormone also affects the physiological processes in the body, such as the manufacture of sex hormones.

Body fat in fat tissue (adipose tissue) has the function as an insulator to help maintain body temperature, whereas in women may provide the typical feminine contours such as fat tissue in the buttocks and chest. In addition, body fat in fat tissue also acts as a cushion that protects organs such as eyes, kidneys and other organs.

Top 15 Mind Power Tricks for Fast Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a Mind Game

Mind Power Tricks for Fast Weight LossDo you agree with the above statement? Think about it. Everything we do begins in thought, spurred on by emotion. Our mental processes led to our weight gain. Therefore, our mental processes, with a little tweaking, can get our slim body back. How’s that for an exciting thought!

We are bombarded with advice on the physical aspect of losing weight. But if just knowing what to do, physically, was all it took no one who valued being slim would ever be overweight. Our mindset, on the other hand, is responsible for approximately 90% of what we manifest.

All we have to do is look around at our burgeoning obese population to realize that weight loss can be a challenge. Most know what to do to lose weight. But unless they have some physical reason why they can’t lose weight (rare!), could absolutely attain the slim figure of their dreams. The secret, which you are about to find out, is knowing how to access and harness the incredible Power of Your Mind…the 90%!

After using the techniques in this post, you just might astound yourself with your increased level of mental power. Whether you have ten pounds to lose or one hundred, it will suddenly all seem so ‘doable.’

Most of us have experienced rarefied instances when we were really ‘on top of our game.’ Somehow we suddenly become super-effective—a veritable whirling dervish of achievement. Where did this super-woman or superman come from? We know we didn’t suddenly inhabit a different body. Therefore, something special must have been happening in our mind. The body just followed through beautifully.

First let’s look for a moment at how incredibly powerful the mind really is.

A great resource to convince you of this is The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, Ph.D., D.D. Murphy had a great opportunity to practice his own methods when he found out he had a sarcoma (malignancy in connective tissue).

Happily he managed to cure himself of this cancer ‘using the healing power of my subconscious mind.’ And he’s helped millions remove mental blocks, achieve amazing goals and find personal and professional happiness and success. His M.O.? He helps people understand and access the ‘miracle-working power’ of their subconscious minds.

Do you agree that the more skills you have to deal with a challenge, and the more you apply them, the more likely you will be to succeed? Merely wishing and hoping and haphazard efforts—the strategies of the masses—give wishy-washy results, if any at all.

So by understanding the mental aspect of weight loss, how the subconscious mind works and learning new skills (such as our Mind Tips and Tricks), you will increase your odds of winning at the weight loss game.

Why? Because as you pay attention to how you feed your mind, you’ll find you have increased control of your thought processes. We know that if we give our body nutritious food it will perform better. Feed your mind high-quality thought fuel and you’ll have better results too. It’s amazing how this works.

That’s where this post comes in. You will love putting my Mind Tips and Tricks to work to harness your Mind Power. The techniques are fun and easy to follow.

So, read on, and add a few ‘Mind Games’ to your daily mental diet. Your reward? -That new body you have wanted for so long just may finally become yours!

What Can You Expect?

You’ll be excited as you notice daily shifts in your thinking, and subtle changes in your willpower. When a scrumptious dessert tempts you, for example, you may find yourself saying: “Sure, it would be good, but I can do without it.”

Do not underestimate the power of slight shifts in thinking like this. These little adjustments in your thought processes begin a powerful momentum in the right direction. They also have a cumulative effect which can bring about major change.

Imagine, for example, starting out on a trip with a friend. You agree that you will veer off in direction by about 20 degrees from the original path which your friend stays on. Before long, your journey will be miles away from your friend. Similarly, before long, that dessert won’t even tempt you anymore. Your mind has veered away from this former temptation.

As you read through this post, you will find new ideas and images and thoughts forming in your mind in regards to your weight loss, eating habits and self-image. And you’ll find it interesting to see how once an idea takes hold it is propelled by its own momentum.

Lots of positive change may start shooting forth in all directions, not just in weight loss! You’ll start seeing yourself in a new light, feeling more confident and empowered as you add to your arsenal of weight loss techniques.

Note: Some of these exercises may feel a little silly to you. Don’t let that stop you. Some of the top executives and sports icons in the world use such techniques—and pay top dollar to the motivational coaches who teach them. Do them because they work. Do them until they work!!

A word about practice: the more diligent you are about practicing these mind tips and techniques, the more success you will have–not just in weight loss, but in other areas of your life. The concept of diligent practice was, in fact, the basis for a National Bestseller entitled: ‘Talent Is Overrated.’ In it, author Geoff Colvin examines the so-called geniuses amongst us and finds that their secret all comes down to ‘diligent practice.’

I was amazed to read, for example, that a top chess master had a very average IQ. People just assumed he had a genius level IQ. Let that be an inspiration to you! Master the skill of diligent practice and you just may ‘seem’ to become a ‘genius’ at weight loss. Go ahead . . . imagine that! A ‘transformed you’ who astounds everyone. Everyone will want to know your secret!

If you feel daunted by the concept of diligent practice, don’t worry. You’ll find these ‘brain games’ interesting, fun and easy to do. By learning and applying these techniques daily, you’ll win at the Mind Game of Weight Loss. It’s not half the battle. It’s at least ninety per cent. Worth it? You bet!!

The Ninety Percent – Introducing ‘The Wizard’

So how do you win at the Weight Loss Game? It’s all a matter of getting to the source—your brain and its mysterious reservoir, the subconscious mind. This is what I call your Wizard. An out-of-control, misguided Wizard is the reason you gained weight. Getting him under control is how you are going to get ‘you’ back—including your spirit and ‘joie de vivre.’

An oft-repeated metaphor for the mind is that it is like an iceberg . . . ninety per cent of it lies under the surface. That underlying ninety per cent is your sub-conscious mind. But your sub-conscious mind isn’t like a cold mass of ice. Rather it’s like a playful child. It responds well to pictures, stories and emotion. Like a child, it absorbs everything. And like some children it takes over your life and controls everything you do!!

Think of these ‘Top 15 Tips and Tricks for Fast Weight Loss’ as the guidelines or rules of the game. They all work at getting your ‘Wizard’ on your side, working for you. Up until now, he’s been working more like an opponent, sabotaging your success. We’re going to change all that now. You and Your Wizard are going to become one—working together as a powerful team to reach your weight loss goals and your dream body!

The journey into the uncharted waters of your mind begins! Are you ready for the adventure?!?


There’s an oft-repeated motivational ditty that goes something like this: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.” Einstein called it the definition of insanity.

I think it’s more like the definition of extreme frustration, or maybe even the ‘status quo.’ It’s just so easy to coast along, hoping that someday you’ll change, someday you’ll try harder or someday your luck will kick in.

To be fair, a lot of us do ‘try harder’ but these efforts tend to be short-lived.

Why not take that axiom above and rephrase it to:

“If you always think, what you’ve always thought, you’ll always get the same results.” Think about that!

The ‘Mechanics’ of Change

We live in a fast-paced world with distractions and unhealthy temptations at every turn. If we resist them for a while, but don’t see the pounds dropping off fast enough, we give up easily. Then it’s back to our comfort zone. It’s not until we realize that our ‘comfort zone’ isn’t so great after all that we make the first mental step toward change.

If you stay in your comfort zone – you will never achieve exciting change!

World-renowned motivational guru, Tony Robbins, is a master at helping people change. Remember how Lady Diana went through a sullen, unhappy period to suddenly regaining her sparkle and renewed purpose in life? In her darkest period, Robbins was flown to the palace to give her one-on-one coaching. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the reason for her amazing turnaround.

You may have already read Robbins’ excellent books: Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant Within. These are tremendous resources to help you tap into your personal power like never before. I read both books years ago, but dusted them off, started reading and got inspired all over again!

Try out his methods and discover how exhilarating it can be to really take control of your life and start feeling your own power. Reading them is like having Tony right there with you. Like any great personal trainer, he really cares about your success. And he really makes you stop and think how much more wonderful your life could be—then gives you the strategies to get there.

So how does Tony advise his clients and readers to kickstart the change process? He says that:

For an individual to change, they must associate more pain with the status quo than with going through the change process.

In other words . . .if you are really unhappy with the way things are, you will be willing to go through the effort and discomfort of making change for the better. Which leads us to . . .


Powerful Mind Tip #1


Ramp Up the Pain

Pain as a powerful motivator? Who knew! But when you think about it, isn’t it true?

When I look back on my life, I realize that a lot of changes I made were, in fact, due to pain in one form or another: a bad boss, a bad relationship, an apartment closet that shed plaster on my clothes—all prompted me to move on. So let’s begin by acknowledging:

Pain is your starter fuel. It’s the catalyst for change.

Here’s an exercise to get your weight loss engines revved up. Begin by ramping up the pain that your extra weight loss has caused you. (And you thought maybe I’d be easing you into this!) But you wouldn’t be reading this post if there wasn’t some dissatisfaction (emotional pain) with your body-right?

Don’t worry, the fun will begin soon. And in a little bit, you will do an exercise to expel all this negativity from your mind.

In the meantime, think of this first exercise as prep work. So, for a moment, take a look at any pain you have that may be caused by your extra weight. Include both physical pain, for example knee pain, lower back pain, and muscle aches (yes, those can be weight-related!), then move on to the emotional pain.

Pour out the Pain on Paper – Physical Side

Start by taking a sheet of paper and creating two columns. Down the left side, list all the physical things that really bother you about being overweight and the consequences of these things in your lifestyle down the right-hand side.

For example, knee pain caused by extra weight would be in the left column. The consequence for the right hand column might be that this pain has prevented you from playing the sports you previously enjoyed. Feeling sad about that would be another effect. Keep it going. Are there other activities you’ve had to curtail due to physical pain?

Pour out the Pain on Paper – Emotional Side

Has your weight affected your:

  • · lovelife?
  • · career? or . . .
  • · your confidence?

Does it annoy you when how you dress is dictated by hiding bulges rather than expressing your fashion sense?

  • · Do you feel less attractive sexually?
  • · Are you avoiding looking for love with a new man?
  • · Do you shy away from enjoying the beach?
  • · Do you feel clumsy and less feminine?
  • · Does that image in the mirror reflect the real you?
  • · Is all that flab weighing you down emotionally?

This isn’t the time to be defensive or to deny your feelings. Writing it down tells the mind that you are serious about this exercise. Let the pain all out.

Remember, telling yourself you are okay with the way you are won’t serve your desire to change.

Now let’s move on to something more positive!!


Powerful Mind Tip #2


Your ‘Reasons Why’

Create Twice As Many Positives—Your Reasons Why!

Okay, take a deep breath and switch gears.

Wouldn’t want you to slip into a state of morose despair! So please immediately list all the ways your life will be better, simpler, happier, more serene, more exciting and all those good things on a new page. Put these words at the top of the page:

“Losing weight will improve my life because:”

While you do this exercise, you might find your sense of purpose crystalizing. Clarity and purpose provide wonderful forward momentum to your weight loss program.

You might also notice how your energy changes as you contemplate all these positive effects.

Keep adding to your Reasons Why, by the way. More ideas will crop up as you read through this post and go through your day. I once went to a seminar where we had to list one hundred ways that being a more successful salesperson would impact our life. So don’t stop at ten! As you write and contemplate your words, keep the statement below in mind:

The more ‘Reasons Why’ you have for making a change, the more likely your success!

Here are some ideas of common responses to this exercise to get you thinking:

Losing weight will improve my life because:

  • · I will feel better about myself
  • · I will have more confidence
  • · More confidence will help me in:

o My love life

o My career

o My relationships with friends and acquaintances and strangers I’d like to make a good impression on

  • · I will feel better about my body
  • · I will be healthier which means I will

o Be around longer for my children

o Be able to enjoy life more

o Be able to play [tennis] again

  • · I’ll feel sexier
  • · I’ll enjoy shopping for lingerie again (and will find bras more comfortable!)
  • · I’ll enjoy shopping for new clothes again
  • · I’ll be able to fit into the good quality clothes hanging in my closet that I’ve been waiting to wear again and couldn’t part with I’ll have a waist! (and be able to tuck blouses in and wear skinny belts)
  • · I’ll have more energy and stamina to get through my day
  • · I’ll feel that I have more respect from others
  • · I’ll feel more feminine
  • · I’ll feel more graceful
  • · It will make my kids happy
  • · It will make my husband (or boyfriend) happy
  • · My weight loss success will encourage my daughter (son, husband, mother, friends) to lose weight too
  • · I’ll be able to fit into airline seats, sports cars and washroom cubicles more comfortably!
  • · I’ll have less pain in my knees and/or lower back
  • · I’ll be encouraged to have better posture (no longer hunching in a bit to disguise bulging tummy)
  • · I’ll look younger (get rid of the aging double chin)
  • · I’ll stop looking frumpy
  • · Exercise will be easier
  • · I’ll be encouraged to build muscle which burns more calories than regular tissue and so will help to maintain my new, slimmer figure
  • · I’ll have less cellulite
  • · I’ll feel happier

I’m sure you can come up with more and ones that will have more meaning for you personally.

Tip: To expand your list, try coming up with specific reasons as well as general ones.

Keep your ‘Reasons Why’ close to your heart. Remind yourself of them on a daily basis. They are a very powerful motivator.

Next we’re going to take these two lists and make them really work for us in bringing about change through some powerful mind techniques.


Powerful Mind Tip #3


Visualizations – To Get You There!

Our Wizard has an interesting trait we are going to capitalize on. He has a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is imagined. Since all thoughts, especially those vividly imagined, eventually seep into the subconscious mind, we’re going to tap into this incredibly powerful technique–visualizations.

Visualizations, by the way, are at the basis of the astounding positive changes that hypnotherapy can bring about. World renown coaches have their elite performers practice visualizations daily to catapult their clients to new levels of success. (One famous coach said that the secret to getting his athletes to do these mental exercises was to never call it ‘hypnotherapy.’ The phrase he always used was “Guided Visualizations.”)

Here are the steps:

i) Get yourself into a calm, receptive state. Relax in a chair or lie down and close your eyes. Do some relaxed breathing, while noticing the sounds and feel of each deep breath.

ii) Next, take all those negatives you listed, and feel them weighing you down. Hear what you tell yourself, see your figure-destroying flab, and get in touch with how you feel about all this. Ramp up the pain of all these feelings.

iii) Now ask yourself what you have learned from the whole sad experience of gaining weight, yoyo dieting, etc. (It is necessary to ‘retain the learnings’ before you rid yourself of all the negatives.

iv) Next, in your mind’s eye, stuff all those negatives into a black bag and see yourself hurling them out into the universe. (You might need more than one black bag!!) Then . . .

v) Now take all the positive images and feelings you listed of you, having achieved your ideal weight, and ramp those up. Feel the pride and joy in your slimmed down body, see the admiring glances of others (and your own, as you look in the mirror); hear the compliments you receive from others and the excited kudos you give yourself from achieving a long-sought goal. Bask in the feeling.


Powerful Mind Tip #4


“Anchor It!”

Notice the change in energy and peace in your body and mind when you shift from Step ii) to Step v) above. Wouldn’t you like to experience the state you were in, in number v), all the time? A technique borrowed from the world of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can help you do just that. It is called “anchoring.” What you do is to take that vivid, desired state and then ‘anchor’ it with some physical move. Here are those steps:

i) Make the desired state as vivid in your mind as possible, utilizing all the senses. For example:

a) make the colors super bright and the images close;

b) also imagine the aural aspect (sounds and words you would be hearing, i.e. what you tell yourself and what others comment); and

c) ramp up the kinesthetic (touchy-feely) component.

ii) Anchor It: Once you have heightened your desired state, reinforce or ‘anchor’ that experience with some physical move. (One I’ve used is to press the thumb and forefinger of my right hand together. I reinforce this method further by silently making an affirming statement as I do the physical move. You could say, for example (and do it fervently!): “This is the real me.”

iii) Fire Up The Anchor: In moments of weakness, you can access or ‘Fire Up Your Anchor’ any time you want to experience that wonderful state, simply by doing that physical move (the Anchor) again. Summon up that vivid picture of you at your ideal best, along with all the wonderful, associated feelings any time you please.

Want to take your visualizations to an even higher level? Try this next method to help move you towards your weight loss goals faster:


Powerful Mind Tip #5


Create a Magnetic Dynamic – Looking Back From the Future

To make our visualizations even more powerful we’re going to employ another incredibly powerful technique. You’re going to go into the future in your mind’s eye.

How long do you think it will take to achieve your goals? Go out into that future time. See yourself looking wonderfully slimmed down and feeling great. Infuse all of those positive feelings, sights and sounds of number v) above into your being.

Ramp them up to an intense level to make them seem all the more real, again using all your senses.

We’ll call this your Future Vantage Point or FVP. The steps of this strategy create a kind of magnetic mind pull. Here’s how it works.

From your FVP, look back in time at the former you. Slowly sweep through time in your mind’s eye, taking yourself from the ‘Former You’ up to your FVP. See yourself making all the right choices along the way. For example, there are paths that veer off to take you away from your goal. You watch as you see how you stopped and contemplated these temptations, but stayed on the right path.

Feel the pride you felt then in making the right decision. See the smile on your face as you continued on your way to your FVP. Think of everything you did right to get you to your future state. Make it detailed. For example, see yourself researching yummy and healthful recipes, shopping for the ingredients, coming home and cooking them up, then enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Now bring yourself up to your FVP. Go ahead and feel a little smug. Relish the moment. You made it! You did it! You feel great, proud of yourself and, yes, powerful. You feel like you can tackle new challenges and ace them too.

Why does this FVP technique work so well? Think about it. If you look forward—your mind just perceives it as wishful thinking. Doubt about whether it will ever happen seeps into the picture. Remember, our Wizard has a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is imagined.

Painting a picture in your mind of your desired goal as a ‘fait accompli’ has the effect of tricking it into thinking of your ‘future you’ as a reality.

Now you’re creating certainty. Nice word. It reminds me of my favorite motivational phrase:

“Proceed as if you cannot fail.”

Only in this scenario, you have already succeeded. Even better!!

You’ll love the FVP technique.

Use it for other improvements you want to make in your life, not just weight loss.


Powerful Mind Tip #6


Set Mental Boundary Lines

Establish mental Finish Lines, for example. Decide in advance when you sit down to a meal that you won’t over-tax your body by going beyond the ‘Finish Line.’

You decide at what point that is. It could be two thirds of the way through. Or just listen to your body. When you are eating, be on the alert for ‘The Big Breath’ cue. If you find yourself pausing to take a deep breath, you’ve reached the Finish Line!

Do something to signify to yourself that the meal is over. For example, “put a lid on it”—literally and figuratively! Signal to yourself that you are done by placing your knife and fork together (or if you are alone, move your plate away—out of reach!) Place the leftovers in a container. Or simply: just walk away (mentally and figuratively!)

Here’s another mental boundary line—Your Plateau—that area between the floor level and ceiling where your weight seems to fluctuate. Let’s say you are in that plateau area between 155 and 160 lbs. In your mind, you have told yourself that you never, ever want to go over 160 again! You have been pretty successful at staying under 160 lbs. for the last little while and have even gotten down to 155.5. But you just can’t seem to break down through the 155 mark.

You wake up and weigh yourself in the morning and weigh, let’s say 157. Your conviction to stay away from that 160 lbs. mark is incredibly strong. If you get to 159 lbs. you panic. It’s too close to 160 lbs for comfort. So you automatically take the steps to avoid hitting that ceiling again. If you are so good at avoiding the 160 lbs, why not lower that boundary in your head from 160 to 158? Make going over the 158 mark just as abhorrent as going over 160.

Tell yourself “My new ceiling is 158. It’s a solid steel ceiling. I can’t go through that ceiling.” You have just reset the high end of your mental weight boundary. Now visualize 153 as the floor of your new plateau range. Meditate on it. Think about settling down on that floor level before you go to sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning. Before you know it, you will have reached the new floor of 153 lbs.

But here’s a cool thing. Because your mind likes to think in neat chunks, it will want to reset your new floor to 150 and your ceiling at 155. Your plateau has just gone down 5 lbs!

Visualization Summary: Remember: Vividness and intensity are crucial for the effectiveness of visualization techniques. So remember to ramp up all the senses with each visualization you do. Really see, hear and feel the part! Add the sense of scent too if you like. Perhaps there is a sophisticated perfume you’ll be wearing. Use your creativity. Some people like to run the visualization as a movie in their mind. Have fun with it. Be the Stephen Spielberg of visualizations!

For a few ideas to get your creative muscle limbered up, proceed to Tip #7 and #8.


Powerful Mind Tip #7



Reframing is a technique whereby you try looking at the situation from a totally different perspective (a more positive one!) to help create a more desirable result.

It’s a concept embodied in the old saying: “Change the way you look at something and the thing you look at changes.” Could that have meaning in your weight loss program? Three ideas quickly come to mind:

Reframe your view of yourself from being a fat person to being a slim person

Reframe desserts from being delicious temptations to heart cloggers

Reframe the standard thinking that weight loss is extremely difficult to thinking it’s a cinch!

Let’s take the last one, for example. Say you are of the firm mind that losing weight is difficult. (Blame the media and conventional wisdom if you like.) Then along comes someone who has successfully lost the weight and kept it off. They tell you they just made the decision to get fit and healthy. That’s it. They just set their mind to it and made it happen.

Perhaps they had an instigating health scare, perhaps not. The main point is that it seemed like a no brainer for them. They just cut out the bad stuff, exercised It’s tough! It’s easy! more and kept at it. “What gives?” you ask yourself. “How can they lose weight so easily?” We have been programmed in the media to think that our chances of weight loss success are dismal, like the chances of marriage success!

“If they can do it so easily, so can I,” you say. Your mind has just undergone a reframe, prompted by a living example.

A reframe is like a mental snap.

In the above example your mind quickly spun through a 180 degree reversal in thought from “it’s hard” to “it’s easy.” Reinforce the reframe with a repetitive mantra such as: “It’s easy. I can do it too.” Say with emotion!

Here’s another mental snap: From “I want that delicious-looking cheese croissant now!” to “I’d rather not!” or “I’d much prefer a delicious, pure apple” or “that cheese croissant is a bad, calorie, fat-laden risk to my health and my slim body!”

Sounds simple, I know. But don’t underestimate how powerful Reframing can be. It is one of the techniques used by experienced NLP Masters to help drug addicts kick their habit, for example.

Reframing changes your mindset from “I can’t to an “I can.”

How powerful is that?! It dissolves excuses. It changes limiting beliefs to enabling beliefs. It puts the lie to the oft-repeated saying that it takes 21 days to install a new behavior. Your reframing ‘mind tool’ gives you that edge.

The Wizard Builds Momentum For You

Once you are in “I can” mode your Wizard starts searching for ways to make it happen.

It will find them. Your Wizard is complex, multi-dimensional and all-knowing.

All it needed all this time was a little empowering from you . . .

Reframing is a lovely technique to do just that!


Powerful Mind Tip #8


The Story Strategy

This is an advanced strategy that combines all of the above techniques. It fleshes out The Reframing strategy. It includes elements of your Reasons Why, the Future Vantage Point technique, Making It Matter Urgency and Making It Exciting (next section).

Take a few moments to contemplate any lingering negative stories you have created for yourself. Think back to the ‘Ramping Up The Pain’ exercise for help. Negative stories are the ones that start with “I can’t,” I’m ‘just,’” etc.

Then create your New Story. Take that vision of yourself in the Future Vantage Point technique, the one where you have already arrived at your ideal self. Build a story around this wonderful you. How you feel now, how empowered you are, and confident, and happy, and able to better give to others now that you are at peace with yourself, for example. See yourself doing an about face from the Old Story to the New Story.

Our child-like Wizard loves stories. Indulge him with some creative story-telling of your own. And remember, he loves vivid pictures. Make your New Story meaningful to you, make it inspiring . . . and make it happen, by repeated telling. Your Wizard will want to hear it again and again. Then he’ll work at making it a reality for you.

Story Time

Let’s take a break here for Story Time . . . Enjoy!

Story: Weight Evaporates—New Man Materializes: You’ve lost the weight. You are incredibly proud of yourself. You wonder what took you so long. Your whole life has improved. It’s incredible the lift it has given to your spirit, your confidence – in short, your whole outlook towards life. Getting dressed is a joy. You choose your outfit according to your mood and the occasion – not to hide embarrassing bulges and flab! Shopping for new clothes is fun, fun, fun – not depressing!! You feel healthier and happier, more vibrant and alive. Suddenly you are contemplating all sorts of new possibilities. It’s as if you’ve entered a whole new realm of being.

It’s early one summer evening. You are spritzing yourself with your new, very expensive and divine perfume as you get ready for your date. You thank heaven you lost the weight that was dragging you down, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

But now, you muse, life is good, as you smooth your hands over your slimmed down hips and your new little figure-hugging cocktail dress. Months ago, you had almost given up hope of ever finding romance in your life again. That was before you committed to your weight loss program. Now you are reaping the rewards. Your new confidence, joy for life, and, let’s face it, your new killer body attracted the attention of a wonderful new man—someone who inspires you to be your best. Someone you may spend the rest of your life with?? The evening awaits!

Executive Trainer Changes People’s Destiny

If you would like to delve more deeply into the art of story-telling to reach your goals, check out The Power of Story, subtitled “Change Your Story, Change Your Destiny in Business and In Life.” Author Jim Loehr is a guy who creates boot camps for Fortune 500 execs and pro athletes. You can imagine that, having a reputation for being one of the best in the business, he has a lot of pressure on him to deliver.

What does he use to bring about stunning results? The Power of Story! It’s the basis of his trainings and he is positively messianic about it. He warns that if you do not invest the time and effort to follow his methods, “you will have failed. You’ll be living the same old story.”

He admits that this is harsh. But he has seen the incredible results his clients achieve after creating new, compelling stories for themselves after years of failing using other methods. He doesn’t want you to fail and encourages you to be totally committed to the system.

Psychotic Patient Changes His Story

Speaking of incredible results, another master at creating them was the legendary Milton Erickson, possibly the world’s most effective hypnotherapist. The following is an account of how he expertly combined hypnotherapy, combined with the Power of Story:

There was a psychotic patient in a mental institution who had a ‘Jesus complex.’ No one could talk him out of it. All he did was sit unresponsively in a corner, speaking to no one. He had been in this state for about a year. All the psychiatrists and psychologists had thrown up their hands in despair of ever helping this man.

Then Milton Erickson was called in to see what he could do. After only a few sessions with the great man, this fellow was building bookshelves for the hospital library. And he was chatting with people and participating in events! The medical establishment was astounded and wanted to know how Erickson had brought about this transformation.

First he had established rapport with the fellow, sitting silently across from him, matching his behavior. Finally, the fellow spoke. He asked what Erickson was doing there. “I hear you’re quite the carpenter,” Erickson ventured. The fellow admitted this was so. Milton got him talking a little more. Eventually he slipped in: “The hospital needs new bookshelves in the library.” As you may remember from the Bible, Jesus was also a carpenter. This fed into the fellow’s story he’d created for himself, that he was Jesus. Finally he was being appreciated for something and agreed to build the bookshelves.

A new story for himself was gelling in his mind. Eventually, working with Erickson, his personal story became increasingly empowering. One year later he was released from the hospital and able to lead a normal life as a productive member of the community. Who knows what would have become of him if he had never changed his story—consigned to a mental institution for the rest of his days??

Now I know you’re not a psychotic. Maybe just a little stressed over being overweight. So before you drive yourself crazy, or sink into despair, why not create a new story for yourself?

First consider the stories you have already been telling yourself. You know the ones, like “I can’t seem to lose weight, no matter how hard I try” . . . “I’m taking after my mother” . . . “I’ll never be able to fit into my old clothes again,” . . . .”I’m too old to lose weight now,” etc.!

One way of unearthing the stories you have been telling yourself is to examine your assumptions.

Stop your thoughts in their tracks!

Ask yourself what your assumptions are for the next hour? How do these assumptions align with the story you have of yourself?

When you are in that cafeteria lineup, what are you assuming your choices will be? Ask yourself the same thing . . . how will the choices you are about to make align with the new story you have of yourself.

Look at other areas of your life (because they all impact on your self-image which impacts on your eating habits.) How much have you been assuming you will accomplish? How about your assumptions for the rest of your day? If you are not assuming anything special will happen, that it will just be another ho-hum day, it probably will be.

On the other hand . . .

Think what could happen if you created an empowering new story.

Go ahead: Tell yourself that you are amazing. And not only are you super effective and successful, but you are also a giving, loving individual to whom good things happen all day long. Nice new story!

Go about your day assuming terrific things will happen and they likely will!

Keep your new story in your awareness all day long too.

Do this every day and as you do, you may just change the story of your life!!


Powerful Mind Tip #9


Making it Matter

This technique is all about keeping the emotion high. Emotion speaks to the Wizard in an impactful way. It prompts him into action. Action leads to success.

(Note: Combine this technique with Visualizations for Increased Impact.)

It’s also the technique that provides the glue. Think back to the last time your willpower wilted. Did you tell yourself that eating that extra helping didn’t matter?

If you tell yourself that sticking to your weight loss goals doesn’t really matter, your prospect of success really becomes unglued! However, if you use this technique, it really impresses upon your Wizard that, yes, ‘It Matters.’ The Wizard turns up the dial on your willpower. You stick to the program. The result? It all becomes easier. When the stakes are high, you are in serious game mode—out to win!

Read the following scenarios illustrating the Making It Matter Technique (combined with the Story technique):

Making It Matter – ‘Short Stories’

a. Short Story: You Are a Super Model: You have a very lucrative swimsuit shoot tomorrow. You feel like a second helping at dinner. But your mind quickly weighs the pros and cons. Hmmm – let’s see: instant satisfaction versus consequences tomorrow. That cute photographer always praises your amazing body. You want to look great. Aiming to please has always helped you get ahead. And these high-paying assignments will disappear if you pack on extra pounds. You plan to spend the money on a special trip for you and your Mom. Her happiness means so much to you, especially after her recent illness. That last model got fired for just gaining 5 pounds. Not going to happen to you—no way. You grab a Perrier instead and congratulate yourself on your professionalism. Taking care of your body is, after all, part of your job. The stakes are high in your career. Making the right food and lifestyle choices matters! End of SuperModel visualization. Can’t relate? OK – try this . . .

b. Short Story: You are a Plus-Size Model: The fashion show is in a few days. You are one of a select few chosen to model criss-cross clingy wrap dresses that show off the curves of voluptuous women. Diane von Furstenberg will be in the audience. Even plus-size models can’t be bulging out at the stomach. You forego that extra helping or dessert. Your career is lucrative. You don’t want to blow it. Don’t want to go back to living in The Projects. You have a little boy to support. You want to take him places, give him the best education, and be an inspiring model for him—literally and figuratively! Your decision matters. You reach for an apple instead and give yourself a pat on the back.

c. Short Story: The Return of The Old Flame: Imagine that an old flame is about to come back into your life and suggest a romantic weekend away to re-connect, so to speak. He’s only in town for a few days, but travels to your town often. You never stopped loving him. You reflect on your past relationship with him and how you blew it with your insecurities. But he did love you. And now he’s finally realized that you were the best thing that ever happened to him. This could be the start of a wonderful renewed relationship –like a series of non-stop honeymoons. You have one week to prepare for the occasion. Your confidence has been growing with each new pound dropped. But the killer outfit you’d love to wear for him is a bit too tight. Are you going to have that second helping?

No again!

Somehow the decision to forego an immediate desire comes easier now. Why? The stakes are high!

Here are four tips for Making It Matter . . .

Create Urgency:

Set a series of deadlines to keep yourself on track, both short and longer term. Write them down to create a strong mind body connection. Writing things down is a way of telling your Wizard that “this really matters!” Deadlines are like goals with urgency. To guide you in goal setting you might want to follow a well-known acronym: S.M.A.R.T. It stands for:

Specific (not vague)

Measurable (what gets measured, gets done)


Realistic; and

Time Framed (urgent)

Make it Exciting:

While S.M.A.R.T. is a good guide in goal-setting and used by success coaches around the world, I would add another element: Make It Exciting! Let your mind soar!

How? Apply one or more of your Reasons Why to each goal. By keeping these reasons close to your heart and reviewing them daily, you’ll find goal setting a lot more meaningful. You’ll be making your goals really matter!

Incidentally, on the first point, ‘Specific’ . . . if you have a problem with this, don’t sweat it. You can override vagueness with excitement. Case in point: There is a clip of Oprah enthusing in her early days, before she had made it, saying:

“I’m gonna be rich, rich, rich, rich, rich!!!”

Vague but Exciting!!

A Life or Death Matter:

There was a photo of a young girl balancing a basket on her head in the paper today. It was an ad for a charity. The caption said: “She needs to walk an average of 6km a day to keep her family alive.”

How many kilometres a day do you walk? Would you walk this much or more if it necessitated keeping a family member alive? Sure you would! Why not then do it for yourself? A slimmer, healthier you does, after all, affect your loved ones. Obesity is a killer. The stats bear that somber fact out. What else could you do if the life of the person you love the most depended upon it?

Wanting to be around for your children, for example, is an intense incentive. Jennifer Hudson, the talented and beautiful singer who gained national fame on American Idol, wrote in her book: I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Got Me Down that her main motivation for losing weight was her young son.

With all the media attention on her, you’d think she might have done it for her ego. No—it was love for her son that kept her on track.

“I wanted to set a good example for my son. Right after I had him, I began trying to change things. . . My diet started four days after I had my baby.” And while her baby boy was her main motivation for her weight loss, she was thrilled for herself too: “I didn’t expect to get as far as I have. It’s like, wow, this is a whole new world. People treat you completely differently . . . You get more opportunities; you name it.”

Scare and Astound Yourself:

This one is the reverse of the Future Vantage Point technique (where you were looking back from the future). I include it here for those of you who are motivated more by a ‘kick-in-the-pants’ or ‘wake-up call’ than being infused with positivity. (Different people are motivated in different ways.)

Here’s the technique: Envision doing nothing and even back-sliding. How does this make you feel? Imagine fast-forwarding through the years, and seeing that as the years stretch on, you never lose that weight. Your health deteriorates. So does your spirit. So does your life.

Take yourself through this visualization like the Ghost of the Future in the classic Christmas tale, Scrooge. Remember how relieved Scrooge was when he realized it was all a bad dream? That the dismal future the ghost had shown him didn’t have to be? He was so incredibly motivated to change his life that he jumped out of his bed and started transforming himself into a kind person.

This astounded all who knew him, including himself. As you whiz through a bleak future via your own personal Ghost of the Future, end the visualization with a profound sense of relief. The bad dream doesn’t ‘have to be’ for you either. Like Scrooge, feel suddenly infused with the joy of life and all the positive changes you can make.

Sometimes people need to be scared into taking action. And when they are, they astound themselves with the incredible energy that is suddenly manifested, igniting them into action. Near death experiences, for example, are potent motivators!

You don’t have to experience anything so drastic, though, to take advantage of this very effective technique. Just use your imagination. Example: You’ve just been told you have Stage IV cancer and only have six months to live. Shortly thereafter you discover that it was all a big mistake.

Suddenly your life seems ultra-precious. You have been given a gift—a second chance to live a meaningful, wonderful life!

Do you think you can commit to your goals now? You bet!!


Powerful Mind Tip #10


Word Wizardy

In Neuro Linguistic Programming, the concentration is on the three strongest senses:

1) the visual;

2) the aural (sounds, words & tonality); and

3) kinesthetic (touch and feel).

Using these modalities help us reach our goals, improve our powers of communicating and understand human behavior. When used in combination they are super-powerful.

Let’s look now primarily at the aural component. The following Word Wizardry techniques are also useful in combatting the negative self-talk we bombard ourselves with. A petite young woman I met at the hair salon told me she lost 100 pounds largely through changing her self-talk, combined with empowering visualizations. When I told her it was hard for me to believe she was ever that heavy, she whipped out a picture of her old self—I was so thrilled for her that she had so successfully used her Mind Power to shed all that weight!

Affirmations and Mantras – Repeat Often for Success!!

I know you have heard of Affirmations before. But just as you may go to Church to renew or reaffirm your faith, this prime tool of personal development deserves a revisit. Just to be clear:

An affirmation is an inspiring statement you make (stated in the present tense) to motivate yourself or help reinforce some desired behavior or way of thinking.

I often see sample Affirmations in magazines written in the future tense. This breaks the primary rule: State Affirmations in the present tense! Why? Because by stating your Affirmation in the present tense, you are telling your Wizard it is already a truth for you. (And in a way it is, since your desires are a part of you, right?)

Like the Future Looking Back technique, this creates a dynamic pull to make the desired statement become a reality. Some examples:

1. I am supremely confident.

2. I am happy to be slim and strong.

3. I love and crave the pure, clear taste of spring water.

Three Affirmation Rules:

  • · word them in the present tense
  • · say them out loud
  • · repeat them often and with meaning! (emotion provides that extra spark!)

Affirmations on Steroids—the Mirror Technique:

Brian Tracy, the famous motivational guru, used affirmations to help him achieve success in the sales and corporate consulting fields. He said his affirmations out loud to himself as he looked in the mirror, every morning. Then he advised his clients to do the same.

Saying your affirmations out loud, looking deeply into your eyes in a mirror, is like speaking directly to your Wizard. A deeper, more intense connection is made.

One woman—a success story on a weight loss conference call–had us all laughing as she repeated to us, with great gusto, her morning mirror mantra:

“I’m a fat burning machine!!”

The reason Affirmations work is that since they are simple, said with emotion, and repeated often, they sink very well into the subconscious mind. Fifteen seconds of this is better than doing none at all. But the people who swear by affirmations spend up to five minutes doing them daily in front of a mirror. Nothing, really, when you consider the much longer periods people spend in meditation.

Connect with your all-powerful Wizard visually, aurally and emotionally with these daily Affirmations. The Wizard absorbs it all and kindly sets about manifesting these suggestions into reality for you. It is like magic!!

One of the greatest orators of all time, the great Sir Winston Churchill, used this Mirror Technique.

It enabled him to finesse his speeches and shore up the confidence he needed to rally the nation behind him in World War II.


A Mantra is similar to an Affirmation in that it is said repetitively for some positive effect, but it has an added spiritual element to it. Originally used in the Buddhist and Hindu religions, it was a sound one chanted repeatedly to aid in meditation.

When I do my speed walking and get into my ‘zone,’ I intone: Melting, melting, melting, three-four,” then repeat. It’s great for keeping the rhythm up [melt-ing, melt-ing, melting-ing is like “one-and, two-and, three-and” so you might be wondering why I say “three-four” instead of “four-and” . . . it just works better for me and was something that just came to me naturally so I go with it!). The “melting” refrain sends a nice message to your Wizard that you are speed-walking the fat away!

Do such mind-body connections work? I once heard of a study where people, who were unable to exercise, just imagined themselves going through the motions. Incredibly, their muscle tone improved! Neuro-muscular connections . . . another instance of the Power of Your Mind!

In the world of personal development, ‘Mantra’ has come to mean a word or phrase one repeats to inspire some positive change. Here’s a common one to set your standards by:

“Quality in, quality out.”

You are all about quality now. How can you spend time mindlessly watching junk on TV when you repeat this mantra to yourself? Instead, you will find yourself reading, speaking, watching and listening to quality. You will hang with quality people. You are, after all, one of them. As you go about your day, ask yourself: “Does this add quality to my life?” Will the donut qualify? No . . . an easy decision!

A one-word mantra can serve as a touchstone to our intention.

A powerful example is the word ‘knowing.’

Close your eyes and intone the word ‘Knowing,’ and meditate on all the various meanings the word has for you.

Perhaps just ‘Knowing’ you can do this thing called weight loss . . . or ‘Knowing’ that you are guided by some divine power who empowers you on this journey. Knowing this, how can you be anything but successful?!!

Your mantra could even be the name of the person who inspires you to be your best. If you’d love to marry that person, you could make your mantra: “Mrs. [Clooney??] Personally, I’d love to have actor, Liam Neeson, for my man. “Liam” makes a wonderful mantra . . . almost has an “ohm” mantra-y sound. When I eye a piece of cheesecake, all I have to do is intone “Liam” and I’m back on track with my resolve!

Who says Mantras have to be dead serious—have a little fun with them!!

Song Fragments Rock!

We all know the emotional power of music. Remember as a child how you loved sing-song-y little ditties? Remember as well that the Wizard is childlike. Why not find a Song Fragment you like for both the lyrics and the tune, and customize the words to fit your goals, or just alter their meaning in your mind.

Example: Song Fragment from a Four Seasons’ hit: “Working my way back to you babe, with a burning light inside” could be sung with the “you babe” being your own slim self.

Or you could substitute: “Working my way back to ‘slimness . . .” You get the idea. Like Affirmations and Mantras, Song Fragments repeated often with emotion will sink into your subconscious—delicious fodder for your Wizard!


Another thing your Wizard loves is a good Metaphor. Present him with a meaningful one and he’ll be off and running with it, working behind the scenes to make sense of the metaphor for you.

Metaphors as Motivators: This may have already happened for you if you look back on your life. For example, did anyone ever tell you, you are a ball of fire? Then you find yourself acting like you are on fire, accomplishing one thing after another, like, well, a ball of fire!

What compliments have you received that were expressed as a metaphor? Maybe someone called you a ‘smart cookie.’ My father used to call me this when I was a little girl. I loved it! I would cook up things to delight him just to hear him say it again.

Whatever the comment, if it made you feel good, you may have found yourself manifesting more of the type of behavior the metaphor would suggest.

Caveat: If you were called a ‘black sheep’ or a ‘bad apple’ the results might have been different . . . but only if you bought into it. One wonderful thing about the Wizard is that if a suggestion doesn’t ‘sit well’ with him, he won’t act upon it. If such was the case, however, counteract any lingering effects with lots of positive Mantras and Visualizations.

Metaphors and ‘Story’: You don’t have to wait for someone to compliment you metaphorically. Create one yourself. Combine it with your powerful story for even more effect. For example, you might equate yourself to a jaguar: sleek and powerful and mysterious, inspiring awe and respect as you move through the jungle.

Or perhaps you see yourself as ‘a gem’ – always there for others, a loving, caring person—and one with a little sparkle! Then, of course, you could just go for the Greek ideal of ‘goddess,’ a veritable vision of perfection capturing men’s hearts everywhere.

Metaphors as Monikers: Some cultures name their children with a metaphor, such as ‘Bright Shining Star.’ Imagine having that moniker! How would it influence your ‘Personal Story?’ Why not give yourself a secret, metaphorical nickname? You could even change it up according to what behavior you wanted to focus on improving.

My real estate agent is a real dynamo. She told me that ever since she was a little girl people have called her ‘The Energizer Bunny.’ Deb works tirelessly on behalf of her clients: 6 or even 7 days a week, typically from 6am to 11 at night. Does her moniker provide her with an extra jolt of psychic energy? Only her Wizard knows for sure, but I’m betting it does.

Reinforcing Metaphors: Let’s say you are challenged by forces at work—certain people, for example–who would tear you away from your weight loss goals. There’s the server who cajoles: “Everyone loves our double chocolate molten lava cake—calorie free today . . . wink, wink.” To shore yourself up, you could say to yourself: “I am a rock.” (a solid one, not the molten lava kind!)

To facilitate your weight loss goals, you might want to invoke the metaphorical expression: “Your Body Is Your Temple.” Perhaps you might prefer to think of your body as a “Dream Home.”

Metaphors to Affirm Identity: John Candy’s character in the movie Stripes, famously wanted to be A Lean, Mean Fighting Machine.” You could change this to “I’m a Lean, Serene, Fitness Queen” (or Sexy Th-i-n-g!”).

Use your imagination! If you need help, try taking a common metaphor and customize it to you. Then again, maybe you’d be quite happy with the metaphor left as it is, as in John Mayer singing to you “Your Body Is A Wonderland!” A terrific one since it combines Metaphor with a Song Fragment, and if you are a John Mayer fan, Excitement!

Short-Term Metaphors and Daily Activities: In his 2007 book Self-Hypnosis Revolution (and subtitled: The Amazingly Simple Way to Use Self-Hypnosis to Change Your Life), author Forbes Robbins Blair makes liberal use of Metaphor. In this guide, Blair shows you how to make changes in your life by infusing symbolic meaning into your everyday activities, combined with self-suggestion (an idea we propose to ourselves to effect some change or action.)

Here’s an example I bet you’ve already thought of yourself: As you are bathing or showering, think of this daily activity as purifying your mind, body and soul. The physical act of cleansing becomes a metaphor for purity. The author recommends verbalizing the self-suggestion as you carry out the activity.

Cleansing can also become a Metaphor for casting off the unwanted—as in junk food . . . . or a bad boyfriend! A delightful example, which combines the element of song, is the Rodgers and Hammerstein hit from the musical, South Pacific: “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair.”

For extra effect, try combining Metaphors with Mantras. For example, if you go to a sauna, you are releasing toxins from your body through perspiration. Why not use the time to imagine toxic thoughts evaporating from your mind as you intone: “Releasing toxins from my mind, leaving pure, beautiful thoughts.”

You can go wild creating powerful metaphors and self-suggestions as you go throughout your day. You can literally turn any boring task into an exercise of personal development. I like his one for crossing the street. The Metaphor is the idea of ‘getting to the other side’ (being, of course, more than a physical destination). He suggests: “I make the transition to a better frame of mind.” We could say: “I make the transition to a new, slimmer body.”

Let’s say it is quite a busy street. You could say something like: “I skillfully dodge challenges that try to take me from my weight loss goals.”

At work, you may find yourself editing a sub-standard bit out of a document on your computer. Simultaneously imagine doing the same with the junk food in your diet.

Find yourself with the boring task of photocopying documents? Imagine copying the behaviors of people who are successful at weight loss.

Think of all the personal development you can set in motion by creating self-suggestions all day long as you carry out your daily activities. As Forbes Robbins Blair points out in Self-Hypnosis Revolution, this technique is a great time-saver (something they don’t teach you in your average Time Management Seminars!)

The more you work with Metaphors, the more skilled you will become at it and the faster and deeper they will sink into your sub-conscious mind. Once ensconced, the Metaphor will guide your food and lifestyle choices. For example, once your Wizard has taken hold of the Metaphor, he will steer you away from the pastry tray and have you lacing up your running shoes!

Word Wizardry Summary

If you are susceptible to self-sabotaging, negative self-talk, banish it by practicing Word Wizardry all day long.

In fact, think of these Word Wizardry Tidbits as Magical Ingredients.

Feel them being fed through an invisible intravenous, directly to your mind

. . . a veritable injection of Mind Power.

After all, they are, aren’t they??


Powerful Mind Tip #11



Streamline your world. What does this have to do with weight loss? It sends an indirect message to your Wizard that you are changing, evolving and transitioning into a new you. One who lives in a more streamlined environment, after all, would likely have a more streamlined body!

Start with the area that will directly impact your weight—your fridge and your pantry! Get rid of the junk. Apply the ‘Asset Test.” Ask yourself: “Is this food an asset to my health, to my weight loss goals, to my complexion? Will it help me to be healthier, slimmer and more vibrant looking?”

Put this way, it’s easy to see those Pop Tarts and donuts just don’t make the grade! But an apple that provides a whole host of benefits and helps you lose weight . . . a wonderful asset!

What about your non-food assets? Give away the items that are no longer working for you. As you streamline, say a mantra: “I am streamlining.” Before you know it, you will be streamlining your body.

Keep the items that go beyond being just functional because they make you feel great: your bicycle, comfy walking shoes, and stylish outfits, whether terrific workout clothes or a knockout dress, all are assets. They give you that lift in spirit that helps move you towards your goals.

Once you’ve streamlined your bedroom and office, you’ll notice that the remaining items seem to have taken on more value. I once spent a week with my wealthy aunt in Bermuda. It was quite amazing how she was deferred to and treated with respect everywhere we went. Helping her dress for dinner, I got an insight into her meticulous ways. Items in her bureau drawers were nicely spaced, folded neatly or encased in drawstrings bags, and satin sachets. Shoes were polished and dresses and suits hung in garment bags on beautiful hangers. Everything she owned was an asset. And all were treated with care and respect for the value they held—somewhat like herself! I was in awe.

Surround yourself with quality. Provide quality care to your possessions. Keep them well-maintained, polished, cleaned up and ready to serve you. As you admire their qualities with a new awareness, you will notice a spreading effect. You’ll want quality in all areas of your life!

Tip: Notice the energy you feel when you contemplate purging an item. If you don’t feel a strong “keep” impulse, time to part with it. Decluttering experts advise on quietly thanking the item for being in your life, then to lovingly give it away. You can take comfort in knowing someone else may be happy to have it.

What’s really amazing is the mental lift you’ll experience after going through this process. Surveying your new, improved bedroom and office can be absolutely euphoric! You’ll vow to keep it that way. “Hmmmm. Are there parallels here with your new, streamlined body???

Now that you are on a roll, move on to or reducing time wasters in your life. Ask: “Which, of my daily activities, can I streamline?”

Avoid mindlessly watching TV. You are all about quality now. Remember your Mantra: “Quality in, quality out.” Read, speak, watch, and listen to quality. As you go about your day, ask yourself: “How can I streamline this process?” and “Does this add quality to my life?”

Have a Little Faith:

Purging and streamlining are more difficult when you come from ‘a position of lack.’ When you are afraid you will not be able to replace what you are purging with more of a quality item, you will be more likely to hang on to it. Like leaving a bad husband, you need to have faith that there is something or someone better out there for you . . . and that you can attract it or them into your life!

Apply the Asset Test to Your Life:

Here’s an interesting exercise. Take various areas of your life and assess what percentage could be classified in the asset category.

Start with inanimate things like your bedroom, your closet, your desk, etc.

Then move on to your career, friends and family, social activities, etc. This isn’t all about extracting. Perhaps you need to spend more time adding value to your best assets. It’s all about putting value where it belongs.

When it comes to your body, you want to purge the fat and tone what’s left. Treat your body well, not only with great nutrients and exercise, but also with massage and moisturizers. Adopt a loving attitude toward your body and you’ll be more inclined to keeping it in good shape.

Here’s a personal example. I never was in the habit of moisturizing my legs, basically because it seemed that every lotion I tried caused redness after shaving. Once I had my legs lazered and no longer had to shave, I was able to moisturize again.

“Hmmm,” I thought, I’ve spent all this money on my legs, maybe I should actually go on a diet to slim down those legs. [Note: pic to left is not me!]

See what happens? You end up adding value on top of value. Within a week of the diet, I had lost half an inch on both calves. “What took me so long” I thought. It all seemed so easy.

So purge those dysfunctional objects from your life—from your wardrobe, your garage, your fridge and pantry. What you’re left with are quality items—your valued assets. Care for them by keeping them well maintained.

Treating your assets well will raise the quality of your environment. And your mindset!! The ancillary effect will see you treating your body with more reverence.

A stronger, healthier, slimmer you—what a bonus!


Powerful Mind Tip #15


View Discipline As Your Friend

A Winning Tip from A Navy Seal: I once attended a Learning Annex seminar by a Navy Seal whose theme was that:

Discipline is the key to success in life.

“Huh??” Don’t most of us view discipline as drudgery? Something you force yourself to do to get things done? Or even worse, something we’ve avoided since childhood since we equated it with parental domination. We’re free now. We’ll do what we want, we think, as we toss discipline out the window. (Hmmm. a weight gain consequence here perhaps??)

But this was a new, empowering angle. He had the room’s attention. Could discipline really give us the things we want in life?

Financial success?

A healthier, trimmer body? (He certainly was a fine specimen of that!)

Suddenly there was a group reframe! It was evident in the rapt attention paid to this fellow. Discipline was no longer something imposed upon us. It was being put forward as our new life partner in our journey to success.

I think we all decided to embrace Discipline that day. Sometimes seminars can be downright life-changing. I thank that Navy Seal for giving me an exciting new perspective on a hackneyed old virtue.

What if Discipline could create your dream life? Think about that for a moment. Discipline could just be that magic genie to give you your heart’s desire . . . a slim body! Just seeing Discipline in this new positive light, makes the effort easier.

And, if every day you were just a little more disciplined, discipline would come easier to you. Just like any skill, it gets easier with practice.

How would embracing discipline make your life better? How would it impact your weight loss efforts if you viewed Discipline as your friend instead of a resented intruder on your freedom?

Many glowing tributes on successful people comment on their incredible discipline. Try this powerful mind tip. Exercise your discipline ‘muscle’ and see what effects transpire. Think about it:

How has being soft on yourself worked so far?

Embrace Discipline and reap the rewards . . . to your success!!

By now I hope I have you excited about using these techniques to access your Wizard and incredible Mind Power to achieve your dreams—weight-wise and otherwise. I would love to hear about your results and experiences! Just email me, Susan, at

I’m including a Bonus Section for you below: Taking It Higher.

Beyond that you will find an introduction to an incredible diet if you want to ‘Fast Track’ your weight loss results: the NuBody Program. Combined with these Mind Power techniques you should be invinceable in reaching your weight loss goals. You’ll really be capitalizing on the Mind-Body connection!

May you and Your Wizard have a long and successful partnership working together to achieve your goals and dreams!


Powerful Mind Tip #13



Take Mental Giant Steps!

Part of the mental aspect of weight loss is feeling empowered, energized and really positive about your ability to reach your goals.

“If I can do this,” then, hmmm, maybe I can accomplish that,” you muse.

Does taking a Baby Step towards your goal inspire that kind of thinking? Not likely. It’s little better than stagnating or going backwards. In fact, that’s usually what happens after a Baby Step. Baby Steps take little effort and therefore provide little pride and satisfaction.

Instead, take a Giant Step!

I know, popular wisdom praises the Baby Step path to progress.

Giant Steps, on the other hand provide great forward momentum. One Giant Step can fill you with elation.

You can’t wait to take the next Giant Step!

Vow to make a Giant Step toward your goals at least every other day. (Save your Baby Steps to kickstart a Giant Step . . . or for the rare occasion when you might backslide!)

Make up your own rules—like a game. You decide what constitutes a Giant Step. It might be losing one pound over the previous day (rather than a minuscule .2 pounds). It might be:

  • · doing every last thing on your day’s checklist
  • · or doing the one tough thing that keeps carrying forward from past ‘To Do’ lists
  • · trying out a healthful, new recipe, including buying the fresh ingredients required
  • · something non-weight-related, but which gives you a sense of pride in your accomplishment, like:

ü making a cold call to a great prospect

ü getting out a manual and learning to solve a problem

ü taking a skill to a higher level

ü having a meaningful conversation with someone that brings you closer

ü reading fifty pages of a thought-provoking book

ü finishing anything that has been hanging around

ü trying something new.

Metaphorically, a Giant Step could even be three Baby Steps, a Leap Forward, a Jump Up. Whatever a Giant Step is for you, take one today. And feel proud.

Giant Steps develop your mind power. They take you out of your comfort zone – another term for stagnation!

Each Giant Step creates personal growth. And forward momentum. And each one you take gives you more control over your mind.

Giant Steps make you feel proud—a powerful emotion and motivator! Start taking Giant Steps and see your confidence and ‘positivity’ grow.

Before you know it, you will be propelled to new heights of success!


Powerful Mind Tip #14


Inspire Yourself

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. It excites our minds. It fills us with visions of a better life. It makes us want to be a better person. And it sets our Wizard to work, figuring out how best to accomplish this.

Sometimes we get so busy, we forget how important it is to live an inspiring life. We neglect to get out into nature. Our favorite music gets unplayed. We lose touch with our friends. Things get us down. Before we know it—we’ve gained weight!!

My personal theory is that living in inspired thought, every day, is a great way to stay on track—to be connected to your ‘higher self,’ if you like. Would your higher self allow self-destructive binging? Or laziness? Or self-pity? You get the idea.

Do those things that keep you

in inspired mode!

Here are some ideas:

i) Connect with Good Friends:

I’m talking about the ones who lift you up. Do the same for them. Avoid those ‘friends’ who drive you crazy with frequent ‘gripe’ session calls.

ii) Take Inspiration From Real Life Role Models:

To be inspired for your weight loss, what better book to read than one by someone who lost 115 pounds in six months, and who had her trials and tribulations televised for the world to see. I am referring to the charming Ali Vincent, the first woman to win the Biggest Loser contest. Her book, Believe It. Be It will be an inspiration for anyone who has a lot of weight to lose, and make it seem all so much simpler for those of us with smaller weight loss goals.

iii) Take Inspiration From Heroes Or Heroines In Movies and Books:

A Hero is someone who was faced with an incredible challenge and met it with courage, intention and integrity. Recently I saw the movie “The Grey” with one of my favorite actors, Liam Neeson, who of course played the Hero. The poor guy and a not-so-tight band of survivors were fighting wolves and the elements after a plane crash in Alaska. I came out of it thinking that I was lucky—no wolves howling at me. All I had to do was . . . and then I reviewed the various challenges, small and large, of my life, including losing a few pounds. Suddenly it all seemed like a piece of cake (oops, make that ‘lean protein.’) I resolved to get going on them with renewed fervor.

iv) Take inspiration from the beauty and purity of nature:

The way it touches our soul has a way of bringing out our inner beauty and spirit.

Why not create an Inspiration Scrapbook?

Fill it with:

–          Thoughts

–          inspirational words

–          moving poems and prose,

–          lists of songs you love

–          your accounts of wonderful moments

–          people who have inspired you

–          photos of loved ones,

–          cards they have sent you,

–          photos of nature

–          articles on people you admire or who have done something inspiring, etc.

Add journaling to your scrapbook—document those little inspirational tidbits you pick up going about your day. Make it a beautiful book. There are so many terrific scrapbook notions available in craft stores today. This is a book you will treasure and take inspiration from for a lifetime.


Powerful Mind Tip #15


The Trifecta: Intention, Passion and Focus

I was reading an article on an award-winning school principal in Toronto, Amina Timol. Asked for the key to her school’s outstanding improvement in student results, she said:

“If you don’t put intentionality to student achievement then the end results are hit and miss.”

I reflected that the same is true for any endeavor in life. Weight loss, for example! When do we get hit and miss results and all the yo-yoing? When do we get the results we really desire? I think the difference is rock-solid Intention.

Focus is a great tool to make things happen. It’s one of the traits attributed most often to success. Many coaches praise Focus to the skies. With Focus, they say, you will accomplish ten times the results in half the time.

For Funambulists (high wire artists), Focus is a matter of life and death. On a practice wire crossing, the famous Nick Wallenda was doing fine, when just eight paces from his landing, he stumbled. The crowd gasped. Wallenda maneuvered himself into a crouch, curled his back foot around the wire and took a few moments for some crucial, deep breathing. And, for a few knuckle-crunching moments, the crowd held its breath. There was no safety net below. Fortunately Wallenda recouped and completed the crossing to a rousing cheer from all assembled. Asked later about the incident, Wallenda replied that he had temporarily lost his focus.

Businesses go under when they lose their focus, losing millions of dollars.

What would lack of focus do to your weight loss program? Conversely, imagine how laser-like focus could boost your results! You’d lose weight faster, creating excitement. That excitement would reinforce your dedication to your weight loss mission and drive you towards your weight loss goal. Equate Focus with success.

Now consider the power of Intention. It glues you to the task at hand in a more exciting way than Focus ever can. There is an emotional, even a spiritual element to it. Intention infuses Focus with special meaning. Intention is like Focus on steroids. Intention speaks to your Wizard. Take your Focus to lose weight higher with Intention!!

So set an Intention for yourself: at the beginning of the day before each meal and every task you want to accomplish for yourself.

Even better, set your Intention for the next day the night before.

Add Passion to Focus and Intention, and you’re going to be practically invincible. Passion fires up your spirit and provides psychic energy.

Use the powerful Trifecta of Focus, Intention and Passion: Say:

“I will focus on this all the way through, until it is done.”

“This is my intention – I feel it in my soul.”

“I am passionate about this!” [Passion comes from reviewing your ‘Reasons Why’ and holding them close.]

See how much more you accomplish during your day, and how your activities will hold more meaning for you. The more you implement The Trifecta, the more rewarding your days will become. This empowered feeling, focused on your weight loss goals, will transfer over to other areas of your life—building confidence and belief in yourself! Set an intention to lose one pound today. Get Intention working for you both directly and indirectly. Now that’s powerful!!

Well Wishes To You And Your Wizard !

You have all the power you need to reach your weight loss goals.

You and you Wizard are forming a powerful partnership.

Together you can achieve remarkable success.

I wish you well as you embark on this exciting journey—all the best for your Weight Loss Success!!



Phentermine on Obesity



Searching for something through which you can reduce yourself? Then there is no need to wait much. Phentermine can help you in many ways and can give a slim and smart look.

Phentermine, supplement for losing weight act as a wonderful appetite suppressant. It is better option for reducing appetite and weight. It helps you feel full for a long time and decrease your hunger level. Phentermine is not only recommended if you want to reduce your few pounds, but you can also use it for reducing significant weight. If you are quite conscious about your weight then it is an amazing source to get desired outcome. If you eat healthily and take regular exercise, then include it in your plan. Instead of relying solely on weight losing medicines, you can maintain yourself much better over time by using it. It is better to use it with proper exercise and diet to reduce fatness and overweight. Use it and improve your confidence.

Phentermine is taken into our bodies so as to suppress the appetite. It helps in reducing weight loss by reducing hunger and making a person feel full stomach for a long time. However is advised that it should taken without other weight loss snugs. It is recommend by the scientist that, Phentermine is good for those who are significantly overweight. Hence those who need to lose a few pounds of weight are not around to use Phentermine. However taking Phentermine should be accompanied with regular exercise as well as health eating. Phentermine is classified as Schedule IV drug as it is taken for a short time period of usage.

Phentermine Hydrochloride is an FDA approved drug used in conjunction with exercise and proper diet. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant drug which makes you to eat less because of poor appetite and also slowly altering your eating behaviour. Eating less and reducing your caloric intake is a major key in a plummeting your weight. Calories, in excessive amounts, are stored as fats in your body and add to your weight. Intake of phentermine will help you lessen your caloric intake by altering your eating pattern, thereby making your body burn the stored fats and will eventually help shed off your weight.