What if you don’t eat while taking Phentermine?

Losing weight, shedding extra pounds is a craze. Has been so for quite some time now. Fueled by the killer looks of heartthrobs and their well-chiseled body. Dieting is one of the ways that we tend to employ without even knowing the meaning of it.

What does dieting mean? It surely doesn’t mean that you would not eat anything. It doesn’t mean that you would eat very less. It means that you control what you eat and do not eat anything that is rich in carbs. But that’s not the general meaning. The general meaning is don’t eat anything, starve yourself out. After all, that’s how it’s done in prisons, right?

Here’s a thing that dumbnuts do not know. When our body does not get nutrients or required amount of carbohydrates for a long time, it sort of enters a low metabolism period. In this phase, our body does not burn extra calories, not even the ones that we are trying to get rid of. At the first chance it gets, it assimilates all the carbs that you eat and leaves you very hungry and craving. Starving yourself out won’t do you any good.

It is precisely because of that reason that nutrient experts advise everyone never to skip breakfast. After a long 6-8 hours period onan empty stomach, you need to jumpstart your metabolism and system. Do not do that and you risk fatigue all day long.

The same goes when you are on phentermine. Phentermine does suppress your hunger but you would be a fool if you think that you can speed up the whole ordeal by not eating even what’s required by your body at regular intervals. If your stomach does not get food for a long time, your metabolism rate drops and so does the effectiveness of phentermine. You won’t be doing yourself a favor by fasting all day long while you take phentermine to lose weight. That’s not wise.

The correct way to lose weight while you try out phentermine is by taking your daily balanced diet.

Now there’s a word we tend to hear every time we want weight loss- balanced diet. A person who understands that terms are the one who would ultimately achieve his/her goal of weight loss. A balanced diet does not mean only protein or carbohydrates or just simply roughage to boost your digestion, it means taking into account all the above-mentioned elements in the right proportions. Only then can phentermine work its true magic and give you the look you so badly want.

5 Symptoms Of Obesity You Might Want to Know


Obesity is a type of bodily malfunction which can cause long term health effects and shorten our overall lifespan by 15 years. There are a lot of people who tend to ignore the fact that they are obese or are on the way to become obese. Drastic weight gain is one of the sure signs that causes related to obesity have started to appear on a person. Obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes and coronary artery disease. It is of utmost importance to understand when someone is showing the signs of obesity and take preventive measures accordingly before its too late.

Some definite symptoms of impending obesity are:

Throbbing Knees:

Obese individuals tend to have throbbing or aching knees. They tend to have an ache even without heavy gyming or walking due to the growing incapability of the bones in our body to balance the increasing weight of our torso. The bones become weaker due to prolonged accumulation of fat on the joints, muscles and tendons which is caused because of obesity.

Back Ache:

One of the major resons for an aching back is obesity. Apart from the usual reasons of over work, stress, accident etc- obesity is also responsible for giving us sore backs which makes obese people less and less likely to exercise causing obesity to increase.

Breathing Problems:

Obese people are the major sufferers of issues related to breathing problems such as asthma. Excessive weight hampers easy movement and obese people find it difficult to get around effortlessly than most. Accumulation of fat, due to obesity, around the chest and neck region results in short shallow breathes. Such breathless conditions are extremely painful and makes it immensely difficult for obese individuals to lead a healthy and active life. Simple walks are enough to tire obese individuals and tend to leave them breathless and tired. Thus obesity makes us incapable of hard work andskill full execution. The extra fat which gathers around the chest and neck makes it difficult for the inflow of air in and out of our lungs. Obesity is thus responsible for respiratory system failure leading to heart diseases.

Heart Burn:

Heart burn is one of the major cause of obesity and those who suffer from obesity have to deal with heart burn throughout their lives. An obese person’s medicine cabinet is usually full of medicines which are meant to help and relive them or heart burn. Heart burn is a type of indigestion which creates a burning sensation in our chest. It is caused due to acid regurgitation into the oesophagus. Obese individuals, due to lack of exercise and incapability to do so, often feel heart burns due to their growing incapacity to digest whatever food they consume.

High Blood Pressure

Central obesity, a particular type of obesity, has been associated over the years with the rise in hypertension and increased cardiovascular risk. Recent research based around population studies have shown that risk estimates indicate around two thirds of the population of the world suffering from prevalence of hypertension due to increased levels of obesity.

Despite such major health hazards, obesity continues to grow and now even minors are susceptible to obesity due to increased levels of junk food available in the market.



Why Should You Consider Using Phentermine Pills to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is one of the most annoying and the most challenging task in a person’s life. However, it is found that there are many weight loss products that are found in the market to lose that extra weight from the body.

People often find it very difficult to the exercises and all those diet restrictions without a proper motive and without a guarantee to lose weight. The products that most of the people complain about are either cannot be fully trusted or the one whose ingredients are a waste of money and time to the body.

Many of the people, who consume weight loss products randomly, often tend to gain their weight instead of losing it and moreover, they might even have some serious side effects as well. There are a number of things that are to be taken care of while consuming such products from the market.

Changing the way the people see the weight loss products is a major factor in order to achieve the perfect body that they want. The changes that are to be made in your body are to be guaranteed that it will be permanent and also beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

There is a product that is very popular amongst the people who want to lead a better life in terms of their health and their mood, and that medication is known as the Phentermine weight loss pills. These are not any ordinary pills that help a person to lose weight just by consuming it, but it also ensures that the after effect and the mood of the person consuming it is also up to the mark.

One of the main works that these pills do is that these pills act as an appetite suppressant that disables a person to overeat their meals. Being an appetite suppressant, this medication is widely supported by the consumers because overeating is one of the main factors of uncontrollable weight gains. Not only Phentermine suppresses the appetite, but Phentermine increases the metabolism that the body requires to burn all those fats faster as well.

Having a better metabolism also enhances the person’s way towards their life. Metabolism and appetite suppressant can be termed as the major factors that can determine the person’s ability whether they can lose their weight or not.


How Does Phentermine Affect Your Mood

There are products that help in weight loss and weight gain; there are also some of the other good side effects that these products have in them. One such thing is that, when people consume such products, they feel energetic and refreshed which are actually not mentioned in the benefits list of that medication guide. There are products that do well to people and there are products that don’t.

Here we shall talk and discuss the product Phentermine, that is an effective weight loss medication and is found only when prescribed. This weight loss product is an appetite suppressor that helps you to eat less by making you feel less hungry. It also has a number of effectiveness and a number of side effects. By consuming this product, the people often say that they are having a good mood and some claim to have a bad mood. But, what is the truth? Well, it depends! Consuming Phentermine has an impact on the mood of the consumer, so let us start discussing the mood related things that happen to a consumer.

To start with, Phentermine may cause mood swings. And most of the time it is a short term effect so not to worry much about it. However, by consuming Phentermine, the heart rate of the person may alter and there is a chance that it might cause insomnia, which in fact results in the mood swings, anxiety, and irritability.

There are chances that if a person is suffering from depression from an early phase, then the consumption of phentermine will affect his nervous system, enhancing more energy, burn fats, and make an improvement in their self-esteem. Overall it gives a positive impact on a person having severe tension or even depression.

In addition to the factors affecting the person by consuming Phentermine, it might also improve a person’s quality life by enhancing attention, cognitive function, energy levels, and motivation. People consuming Phentermine feel more alert as all the tensions in the mind gets relaxed when Phentermine starts working their way towards the nervous system.

One of the most interesting mechanisms that the Phentermine consuming people can relate to is that it improves mood as it directly affects the dietary cells in the body. As we know, Phentermine works as an effective appetite suppressant; it makes the people with obesity lose weight in a considerable amount of time, making their mood happy and their body healthy. And those who take this product find it way easier to resist the temptation to consume excessive amounts of food. It makes the calorie intake much lower than ever before and gives an increment in a number of anti-oxidants in the body which ultimately helps a person to be happier.

Lack of physical exercises makes the body fatigue. People who have diet and weight problems have lower self-esteem and energy to workout. Phentermine increases the energy levels in the body by burning those extra fats. Losing weight definitely boosts the mood, though it is a person with weight loss problems or with a person who has to go through depression due to their body structure.

Things to Eat on Breakfast while on Phentermine


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; irrespective of your diet plan. You have to have a nice, satisfying breakfast everyday in the morning. While you are on Phentermine, you should always take special care of your diet, as the right diet plan with Phentermine gives you right results.

Breakfast and its importance

You may keep hearing from your grandmother and mother that you should never keep your stomach empty till lunchtime; it’s not good for health. Well, guess what; they are actually right. Skipping breakfast is never a good idea. Your body becomes slow while burning your fats and calories during night when you are asleep. So when you skip breakfast and do not eat anything till noon it means your body is without food for almost 18 hours. When you do not eat anything for so long, your body stops its metabolism process and start conserving everything it can. A healthy breakfast in the morning means high metabolism in your body.

Things to eat on breakfast

  • Oats – Oats are full of fibers, protein and resistant starch. It will make you feel full and burn your fats. Oats also helps to boost your metabolism. You can top them with nuts, vegetables or some fruits to get extra taste and flavors.
  • Eggs – My personal favorite. They are high in protein gives you a lot of energy. Combine them with whole wheat toasts, topped as poached or scrambled. You can also eat hard boiled eggs.
  • Fruits – The quickest and the best breakfast to eat without a lot of fats and calories. Fruits contain a lot of fibers and water and they make you fell full for good. Best breakfast fruit options can be – watermelons, grapes, apples, kiwis, bananas, pears, raspberries and blueberries. All these fruits are rich in fiber and fluids.
  • Yoghurt – Low fat yoghurt can work amazingly as a breakfast while you are on Phentermine. They are high on protein and has a fewer amount of calories. Make sure your yoghurt is unsweetened.
  • Whole wheat breads – Whole wheat breads are full of fibers. They can make you feel full for a long time. Just make sure you do not add any calories in the shape of jelly or peanut butter.
  • Green tea – If you have been drinking coffee in the morning in your breakfast then you might switch to green tea. Green tea boosts your metabolism and hydrates your body just like water. Coffee might have side effects while you are on Phentermine but green tea doesn’t have any side effects. Instead it helps in boosting your metabolism rate.
  • Cereal – Well, you might not know but cereal is an ideal breakfast. But you need to know which type of cereal is the best choice for you. The ideal cereal has 5 grams of fiber and less than 5 grams of sugar in each serving. Top your cereal with some skimmed milk and fruits. Tada! The ideal breakfast is ready.

An ideal breakfast is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. Your breakfast does help a lot when you are on Phentermine. It boosts your metabolism, keeps your body energetic and keeps you away from eating junks. Never ever skip your breakfast.

Does Phentermine Speed up Metabolism?


Phentermine undoubtedly is one of the best weight loss pills that anyone can ever find. It helps you to lose weight in just a few days and it doesn’t have any severe side effects. So does Phentermine speed up metabolism? Yes! It does.

How does Phentermine work?

Phentermine is used for a short period of time. With the best diet plan and active workout routine you can lose a tremendous amount of weight within a short span of time. Phentermine suppresses your appetite and burns your body calorie and fats turning the fats into energy.

Phentermine works as a sympathomimetic agent in your body which mimics the activity of the chemical that can be found in your brain. The name of the chemical is nor-epinephrine. That means, just like nor-epinephrine acts as a stimulant on the brain which suppresses your hunger.

Phentermine and your metabolism

The most complex chemical reaction in your body is metabolism. It allows your body to function properly and grow. What does metabolism do? It allows your body to transform your food into various nutrients and removes all the unwanted toxins from your body.

However, people who are obese or overweight suffer from the violation of the metabolic process. And they start needing help. This is when Phentermine comes to the rescue. It reduces your appetite; burns body fat and improve your metabolism. Thus, you start losing weight in a short span of time.

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, you need to remember that the most common reason for the violation of your boy metabolism is unhealthy, high calorie food. So you need to take care of your diet plan. Also limit the consumption of fast carbohydrates, such as sucrose, glucose and fructose.

However, in order to boost your metabolism with Phentermine, you can do the following things—

  • Dieting does not mean that you will stop eating. Instead, you need to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions. This way you will not over-eat as well your stomach will not be empty. As you know, under nutrition can be harmful for your body, so you need to eat regularly and on time.
  • Do you know that skipping breakfast can slow down your metabolism rate? That’s right. When you are on a weight loss program with Phentermine, you should never skip breakfast. Always have proper amount of protein and other nutrients in the morning. While you are asleep your body organism slows down all the processes. So when you eat in the morning your body starts stimulating the body’s major systems and hence your body metabolism speeds up.
  • Drink a lot of water. It when you drink a lot of water, it satisfies your need to keep your stomach full and you no more desire for any carbonated beverages. Carbonated beverages aren’t much appreciated while you are on Phentermine.

Phentermine works faster than any other weight loss pills and it helps a lot when it comes to boosting your metabolism. The best thing about Phentermine is that it doesn’t have any severe side effects. So buy Phentermine now and start your weight loss journey as soon as possible.

Can you drink caffeine while taking Phentermine?

coffee beans on wooden table



Weight loss is an overwhelming journey and it takes a lot of effort to get the best results. The best thing about Phentermine is that it gives fast results in just a few days. With good diet and proper exercise plan, you can lose a lot of weight with Phentermine.

Drinking caffeine while taking Phentermine is actually very helpful; when it’s taken moderately. A study has shown that the effects of caffeine on people while on Phentermine can be positive both mentally and physically.

Good effects

Drinking caffeine while taking Phentermine can affect you in various ways. It can have some positive effects or it can also have some negative effects. However, let us first see what can be the benefits of drinking caffeine while Phentermine –

  • Your metabolism rate boosts faster when you drink caffeine while taking Phentermine.
  • Caffeine boosts your energy level and you can do your regular workout better and with a lot of energy.
  • Drinking caffeine while taking Phentermine reduces type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Side effects

However, there are a lot of side effects that may occur while drinking caffeine with Phentermine. Here are the few side effects—

  • Caffeine affects your Central Nervous system and so does Phentermine. So when you are not careful while drinking caffeine when you are taking Phentermine, you may suffer from heavy excitements and insomnia.
  • Caffeine may increase your blood pressure and heart rhythm.
  • You might suffer from gastrointestinal issues when you drink caffeine while taking Phentermine.
  • You may suffer from sleep disorder, emotional instability, self doubt and anxiety when you drink caffeine in a high amount while taking Phentermine.
  • Taking Phentermine and drinking caffeine together might also cause you nausea, vomiting and frequent defecation.

What are the measures?

I myself am very fond of caffeine and I love drinking coffee. So I can understand that a lot of you may not be able to stop drinking caffeine completely. However, drinking caffeine while taking Phentermine does help sometimes.

So can you drink caffeine while taking Phentermine? Yes; you can, but, not in a high rate. You need to limit your consumption of caffeine during the time you are taking Phentermine. If you have high blood pressure or cardiovascular issues, it is better if you do not consume any drinks which have caffeine while taking Phentermine.

However, it has been seen that caffeine can be found on many food, drinks or even on some pills, so keep your blood sugar check while taking Phentermine.


The effects of drinking caffeine while taking Phentermine can differ from person to person. Needless to say, not everyone will suffer from the side effects. With a limited amount of caffeine you can actually get a few benefits from that. So take proper preventions or measures before drinking caffeine while taking Phentermine in your weight loss journey.

So you can definitely drink caffeine while taking Phentermine. It will boost your metabolism and body energy level. Just limit the use of caffeine in order to prevent side effects.

How Garlic Helps Weight Loss

weight-loss (1)

Garlic has been used for medicinal purposes around the world for thousands of years. Now scientists are saying garlic helps weight loss efforts too! I started eating and cooking with fresh garlic over three years ago when I started my weight loss journey. Garlic quickly became one of my must-have foods I do not want to do without.

I began to use fresh garlic just about every time I cooked and ate small pieces of raw, fresh garlic when I decided to eat healthier. I don’t recall where I read garlic helped with weight loss. I guess somewhere during my research about healthier eating, increasing metabolism and weight loss, I discovered how great garlic is for not just weight loss, but for other things as well.

Garlic and Allicin
Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which is activated when fresh garlic is cut or crushed. According to Wikipedia, allicin is an oily, slightly yellow liquid that gives garlic its unique odor. They also write: “Several animal studies published between 1995 and 2005 indicate that allicin may reduce atherosclerosis and fat deposition, normalize the lipoprotein balance, decrease blood pressure, have anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory activities, and function as an antioxidant to some extent.”

The allicin found in garlic is what gives garlic its health and weight loss properties. To receive the maximum benefits of allicin you must cut, chop or crush fresh garlic and let it sit at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes before eating or cooking. Studies have shown that letting the garlic sit before using helps retain about 70 percent of its beneficial compounds compared to cooking it immediately after rupturing. Cutting or crushing garlic releases the allicin that has been trapped in the cells of the plant. The health promoting and weight loss benefits of garlic peak about 10 minutes after rupturing.

How Garlic Helps Weight Loss – Scientific Studies
Garlic helps weight loss by assisting in eliminating fat from the cells. When combined with a healthy diet, garlic can help assist with weight loss efforts. Every little bit of natural, healthy weight loss assistance helps! A study published in “Nutrition Research and Practice” in June 2012 using aged garlic extract found that taking 80 milligrams per day of this supplement for 12 weeks helped women lose weight and reduce their body mass index. Study participants lost about 6.6 pounds, or about 1/2 pound per week during the study.

Garlic may increase the number of calories you burn during your daily activities and decrease your body’s production of fat, according to another study published in “The Journal of Nutrition” in September 2011.

How Much Garlic Helps Weight Loss?
I try to eat fresh garlic 3-4 times per week. I’ll use about 3-4 cloves each time. I also slice my garlic, let it sit and eat a couple of raw, uncooked pieces of garlic at least twice per week. I know – garlic breath. For me the benefits of eating raw garlic on a regular basis outweigh me smelling like fresh herbs and garlic!

1-2 medium cloves everyday, or 3-4 cloves every other day is what some dietitians say is needed to get the maximum health benefits from garlic.

Five Things I Do To Burn Extra Calories


Wow, the calorie game…it’s no joke. So anytime I have extra opportunities to burn some extra calories, I take advantage of them. Here are my favorite things to do to burn extra calories during the day:

1. I Use the Steps Instead of Elevators
I don’t like using elevators anyway, so when there are stairs to use, I opt for those. I have been doing this for years with great results.

2. I Walk the Escalator Not Ride It
The escalators are like toys to me — I have fun with them! I’d rather walk on up the escalator… LOL.

3. I Don’t Park Too Close to Where I am Going
I try not to park too close to the entrance on a nice day. I’d rather enjoy the extra walking and burn a few extra calories.

4. I Eat Fat Burning Foods
I try to eat foods that help speed up metabolism everyday. I don’t want a sluggish metabolism to keep me from burning calories effectively.

Foods that help metabolism are found in my ebooks, Click Here!
5. Dancing — I Don’t Worry What Other People Think
I have fun and can often be seen breaking out in spontaneous dance. I really don’t care how others view that, my main concern is trying to stay healthy and keeping my weight in control! When I’m happy, I like to show it!
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