Five Things I Do To Burn Extra Calories


Wow, the calorie game…it’s no joke. So anytime I have extra opportunities to burn some extra calories, I take advantage of them. Here are my favorite things to do to burn extra calories during the day:

1. I Use the Steps Instead of Elevators
I don’t like using elevators anyway, so when there are stairs to use, I opt for those. I have been doing this for years with great results.

2. I Walk the Escalator Not Ride It
The escalators are like toys to me — I have fun with them! I’d rather walk on up the escalator… LOL.

3. I Don’t Park Too Close to Where I am Going
I try not to park too close to the entrance on a nice day. I’d rather enjoy the extra walking and burn a few extra calories.

4. I Eat Fat Burning Foods
I try to eat foods that help speed up metabolism everyday. I don’t want a sluggish metabolism to keep me from burning calories effectively.

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5. Dancing — I Don’t Worry What Other People Think
I have fun and can often be seen breaking out in spontaneous dance. I really don’t care how others view that, my main concern is trying to stay healthy and keeping my weight in control! When I’m happy, I like to show it!
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