Guide to Gym Workout Routines for Women to Lose Weight

New Year is knocking on the door and I am sure everyone is quite beefed up with a lot of resolutions for the coming year. And weight loss is surely one of those.

Everyone wants to lose some weight and look good. But, when it comes to women, weight loss actually refers to fat loss. Nobody likes those unwanted layers of fats around the tummy, or the back; and as you might have already decided to start your weight loss program as your New Year resolutions, here I’m going to provide you some of the best gym workout routines especially for the ladies here to lose weight.

Although a lot of women find it really tiresome to it the gym, but trust me if you want a maximum fat loss, you should hit the gym. However, cardio and strength training inside the gym can noticeably help you to get amazing results.

  • The Cardio Workout routine – Cardio works the best only when you “know” how to do it the best way. Now a lot of women might know about the cardio workout but they all are doing it the wrong way. Cardio is evidently the most effective gym workout when it comes to fat burning. Now, an effective fat burning cardio session should be of minimum 40 minutes. Again, you should push your heart to minimum 60-70 percent of its maximum rate.

Your gym refers a lot of opportunities when it comes to cardio. Start with kickboxing or aerobics.

  • The strength Training – The cardio helps you to get rid of the unwanted fats. But it doesn’t strengthen your muscles. So here is the best option for you, strength training. Hit the gym and choose your weight training. You can start with free weights, machine trainings or group classes. You can also go for Pilates or Vinyasa Yoga when it comes to strength training.

Schedule at least three days of strength training per week. Train for at least 30 minutes a day. Whatever the weight training may be, perform each session three times with 10 reps; do not ever forget to take a break for a minute or two between your sets.

  • The Sample Workout – You must know well that the cardio workout helps you to lose fat and the strength training strengthens your muscles. So, when you combine the both, you get the best results. What you can do is combine strength training workout with alternate cardio on your workout schedule for a week and take a day off in between. For instance, do six free-weight exercises for your strength training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and then take an hour class of Aerobics or any other cardio classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • The Diet – It doesn’t matter how intense is your workout schedule, if you’re not eating right, you’re not getting the results right. You must know that your calorie count matters a lot in your weight loss regimen. When it comes to fat loss, you should eat less calorie-dense food. Eat a lot of proteins and important nutrients. Keep a check on your carbohydrate and calorie intakes. Drink a lot of water. The right diet plan and the right exercise routine will definitely give you the right results.

So here is a simple guide for the beautiful ladies there to hit the gym and lose some weight. Follow these simple steps and I’m sure you’ll be glad with the results. Good Luck!