How Iron helps you while on Phentermine

Weight loss demands a lot of attention and you need to make sure that you always get the right amount of vitamin and nutrient during your weight loss program. Although each and every vitamin has its own benefits, iron plays a special role in your weight loss program.

Iron is one of the most essential vitamins while you’re trying to lose weight with Phentermine. It boosts the Phentermine benefits and it helps to transport oxygen through your body.

Iron and its importance while on Phentermine

There are a lot of ways in which iron helps your body. The most important thing is, it helps you to transport oxygen throughout your body. To be precise, without essential nutrients or vitamins like iron, your body simply cannot produce the healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. And when your body cannot produce them, you don’t get enough oxygen.

Oxygen deficiency in your body might cause you fatigue, exhaustion or sometimes even affect your brain functions and your immune system. This is when even if you’re on Phentermine, which evidently makes you feel energetic, you may feel exhausted due to the lack of iron.

People who suffer from hair loss while on Phentermine should get more iron-rich food as iron helps you with good hair, healthy skin and nails. In order to keep you healthy and strong while on Phentermine maintain a diet that is rich on iron intake.

Iron improves the oxygen flow on your body. So while you’re using Phentermine, if your oxygen flow isn’t sufficient enough, your body metabolism will slow down. So it is very important for you take sufficient amount of iron daily while on Phentermine.

The amount of iron one should take while on Phentermine

The minimum amount of iron a man or a post-menopausal woman need in a day is only 8mg. But, woman aged between 19-50 years of age need 18mg of iron daily in order to compensate their blood loss.

Although that is the minimum amount of iron you need, you may have to take a little more amount of iron while you’re using Phentermine depending on various situations. However, if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan you may have to take an extra iron supplement while you’re using Phentermine as the iron found in vegetables cannot be absorbed by your body properly.

What sources of Iron should I eat in order to boost the benefits of Phentermine?

You should combine both vegetables and meat on your diet in order to get the best iron intake while on Phentermine. Here is what you can eat—

  • Red Meat – Red meat is a great source of iron. You can get up to 2-3mg of iron per 3oz. It also helps you with great source of protein and right amount of calories. The best way to get toned muscles and burn body fats.
  • Seafood – Seafood like oysters are the best option when you want to get the best amount of iron. It is packed with iron with around 8mg in a 3oz serving. Other best options of iron in seafood are cuttlefish, octopus and mussels with around a minimum of 6mg of iron per serving.
  • Potatoes – Potatoes are my all time favorite, and now that I know it is packed with iron, I have started to add potatoes in my diet almost daily. There is around 3.2mg of iron per serving of a half baked potato.
  • Green leafy vegetables – If you want a low calorie diet and still want a lot of irons you can add green leafy vegetables on your diet. Add spinach, collard greens, kale or a cup of arugula in your diet to get immense amount of iron.

So make sure you’re getting enough iron on your diet. If you haven’t already, start doing it from today and boost your Phentermine benefits.