Protein Function

Protein function helps during growth, maintenance, and building enzymes, hormones, and immunity. Therefore, the protein is often referred to as builder substances. Proteins are divided by two, ie, derived from animal and vegetable. Protein requirements in each individual is different. Protein-containing food sources include fish, eggs, meat, dairy, and nuts.

Not all parents know how many actually fit the required dose of the child. Since the excess nutrients are also not good for growing children.

* 0-6 months of age, weight 6 kg, the AKP was 9 grams. At the age of 7-11 months with weight 8.5 kg PPA required 15 g. Ages 1-3 years with 12 kg weight was 19 g. PPA Ages 4-6 years with BB 18 kg, the AKP was 22 g. 7-9 years of age, weight 25 kg, the AKP was 29 g. Aged 10-12 years (men), weight 35 kg, the AKP was 40 g. age 13-15 years, weight 46 kg PPA was 47 g. and, ages 16-18 years, weight 55 kg PPA took 56 g.
* Age, 10-12 (daughter), weight 31 kg, 38 g PPA Age 13-15 years, weight 48 kg, 49 g PPA While the age of 16-18 years, weight 50 kg, 51 g PPA.

Protein function:
1. as the enzyme
Almost all biological reactions accelerated or assisted by micro-molecule compound specific; from the very simple reaction such as reaction to transport carbon dioxide to very complex such as replication kromosom.Hampir katalisatik all enzymes showed a remarkable power and generally accelerate the reaction

2. Conveyance and storage equipment
Many small molecules with molecular weight as well as a few ions can be transported or moved by certain proteins.

3. regulating the movement
Protein is the main component of meat, muscle movement occurs because of the two protein molecules that play a role of actin and myosin

4. supporting mechanical
Strength and tear resistance due to skin and bones kalogen, an elliptic protein and easy to form fibers.

5. control growth
It works as a receptor protein that can interfere with the functioning of DNA that regulate the nature and character of the material

6. Media implus propagation neural
The protein has a function is usually a receptor, etc..

The total portion of energy that you should maintain is carbohydrates 46%, fat 42%, and protein 12%