5 Symptoms Of Obesity You Might Want to Know


Obesity is a type of bodily malfunction which can cause long term health effects and shorten our overall lifespan by 15 years. There are a lot of people who tend to ignore the fact that they are obese or are on the way to become obese. Drastic weight gain is one of the sure signs that causes related to obesity have started to appear on a person. Obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes and coronary artery disease. It is of utmost importance to understand when someone is showing the signs of obesity and take preventive measures accordingly before its too late.

Some definite symptoms of impending obesity are:

Throbbing Knees:

Obese individuals tend to have throbbing or aching knees. They tend to have an ache even without heavy gyming or walking due to the growing incapability of the bones in our body to balance the increasing weight of our torso. The bones become weaker due to prolonged accumulation of fat on the joints, muscles and tendons which is caused because of obesity.

Back Ache:

One of the major resons for an aching back is obesity. Apart from the usual reasons of over work, stress, accident etc- obesity is also responsible for giving us sore backs which makes obese people less and less likely to exercise causing obesity to increase.

Breathing Problems:

Obese people are the major sufferers of issues related to breathing problems such as asthma. Excessive weight hampers easy movement and obese people find it difficult to get around effortlessly than most. Accumulation of fat, due to obesity, around the chest and neck region results in short shallow breathes. Such breathless conditions are extremely painful and makes it immensely difficult for obese individuals to lead a healthy and active life. Simple walks are enough to tire obese individuals and tend to leave them breathless and tired. Thus obesity makes us incapable of hard work andskill full execution. The extra fat which gathers around the chest and neck makes it difficult for the inflow of air in and out of our lungs. Obesity is thus responsible for respiratory system failure leading to heart diseases.

Heart Burn:

Heart burn is one of the major cause of obesity and those who suffer from obesity have to deal with heart burn throughout their lives. An obese person’s medicine cabinet is usually full of medicines which are meant to help and relive them or heart burn. Heart burn is a type of indigestion which creates a burning sensation in our chest. It is caused due to acid regurgitation into the oesophagus. Obese individuals, due to lack of exercise and incapability to do so, often feel heart burns due to their growing incapacity to digest whatever food they consume.

High Blood Pressure

Central obesity, a particular type of obesity, has been associated over the years with the rise in hypertension and increased cardiovascular risk. Recent research based around population studies have shown that risk estimates indicate around two thirds of the population of the world suffering from prevalence of hypertension due to increased levels of obesity.

Despite such major health hazards, obesity continues to grow and now even minors are susceptible to obesity due to increased levels of junk food available in the market.