Things to Keep in Mind Before You Are Going to Lose Weight


Losing weight is almost everyone’s biggest dream. But we forget that weight is just a number and we should not get hung up on how much you weight. Most importantly, this is totally ridiculous to believe that you can lose weight in just a few crash courses like lose 5 pounds in 5 days or 10 pounds in a week. These are highly unsafe and totally unrealistic. Before you go ahead and start working out on losing your weight, dump your scale right now and get going. Here are a few good reasons for you why you need to do that—

Weight Is Nothing but Just a Number

Gaining a bit of pound doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. Your weight doesn’t measure your looks or how you feel. So definitely your scale has nothing to do with your fitness. It just measures your weigh and nothing else. No! Your weight doesn’t tell you if you were healthier yesterday than today or it won’t even tell you if your cholesterol level high or low. Therefore ditch your scale and start giving importance to your overall health.

Your Weight Doesn’t Stay Constant the Whole Day

Believe it or not, your weight keeps fluctuating the whole day depending on various factors. Like if you are wearing shoes, or your hair is wet or you had a lot of water throughout the day, then this might also have impact on your weight. Therefore weighing yourself with a scale isn’t really a great idea. If you cannot ditch it altogether, try measuring your weight once a week rather once every day.

Also, Your Weight Varies Throughout the Month as Well

If you are a woman, your menstrual cycle plays a lot of role in your weight story. During or a few days before period, you tend to gain some extra amount of weight due to some extra water in your body. So while you are using the scale to measure your weight, take a deep breath. Don’t stress out.

The Scale Cannot Determine Your Strength

You workout daily and you have a strong body. But your scale says you are still not losing your extra pounds. Does it mean that you are nit strong? It doesn’t. Your scale has nothing to do with the strength you have in your body. It also doesn’t tell you if you are healthy or not. So stop thinking about the scale much.

Your Smart Choices Have Nothing to Do with Your Scale

Even if you don’t like what the scale says, it doesn’t really matter. The extra healthy food you add to your breakfast or the extra miles you add to your morning jog aren’t really the result of your scale. You are doing everything on your own. The results are your rewards. Why are you putting it everything on the scale? Ditch it and enjoy everything freely.

The Scale Can Get You Used to Bad Habits

When you are weighing yourself, you tend to get obsessed with losing your weight and forget about all the healthier things. You might end up taking steps which are not healthy for your body. For example you end up putting yourself into extreme diet schedules and therefore losing out some important nutrients needed for your body. This way you might end up satisfying your scale but you will end up hampering your body real bad.

Your Scale Has Nothing Positive About It

The only thing the scale makes you think about is losing, cutting and giving up some extra flab. It doesn’t encourage you to gain some extra muscle or build it. Therefore rather than sitting there and thinking about what your scale is saying, think about healthy habits like eating the right food or doing the right kind of exercise.

So here are a few reasons why you should totally ignore the scale like you ignore your ex. Now go get healthy and look beautiful in your way. You can thank us later!