5 Tips For You To Avoid Extra Pounds On A Vacation


Vacation is something we all love and these are the days when we gain some extra pounds because of our irregular eating habit and love for various food. From Grand ma’s delicious turkey’s to some extra cheese burgers at your favorite food joints, everything you eat makes sure you get some extra flab on your body. Well we still can maintain our weight during the vacations with these little tips ahead-

Have a control in your Morning Meal

Its vacation and of course we wake up late. We wake up late and we end up either skipping breakfast or doing a brunch. However, even if you are in a vacation, does not mean that you will have a whole lot amount of food during a breakfast or a brunch. Avoid carbs on your breakfast and just have one plate of whatever you are having. If you cannot hold on to one plate and you feel like eating more, then here is what you can do. Have a bowl full of berries or pulses. This will make you less hungry and you can arrange your breakfast smartly.

Snacks are a must

When you are in an excursion, climbing mountains or hills, you don’t really get to eat probably for a whole day. And when you do, you forget everything and eat almost anything you get. Therefore, we suggest you to carry snacks with you wherever you go. Now here is what you need to remember when you are carrying snacks, the Three Ps- Plan, Pack and Protein. Make sure you plan beforehand, pack only portable snacks and add protein. Proteins may be like, fruits, cheeses stick or 10 to 15 grams of raw nuts. This way you can keep your hunger at a bay for few hours.

Proper Grocery Shopping

We definitely should go for a grocery shopping while we are on our vacation. Well, rather than eating everything from outside, you can go ahead and start your day with a light breakfast with a choice of your fruit oatmeal or yogurt from the market. You can also stock up your list with some nut butter packets and other healthy crackers available in the store.

Buffets – A big No No

While on a vacation avoid buffets. It makes it far too easy for you to gain some extra flab on your body. Moreover, it makes you feel sluggish and less energized for the rest of your day. However, if you do not have any other choice, make sure you get a buffet that is full of veggies, lean protein and omelets.

Walk as much as You can

Vacations are indeed our days to keep our daily lives a bit away from ourselves. But if you really want to stay fit, then don’t miss out jogging. Or you could take a walk to everywhere you go. For example you can take a walk from the beach to hotel or while going out for dinner. Move as much as you can.

Well, these are a few little tips for you to maintain your weight the next time you go for a vacation. Remember a beautiful vacation should never play with the beautiful you. Stay fit, stay healthy, stay happy.