What if you don't eat while taking Phentermine

What if you don’t eat while taking Phentermine?

Losing weight, shedding extra pounds is a craze. Has been so for quite some time now. Fueled by the killer looks of heartthrobs and their well-chiseled body. Dieting is one of the ways that we tend to employ without even knowing the meaning of it.

What does dieting mean? It surely doesn’t mean that you would not eat anything. It doesn’t mean that you would eat very less. It means that you control what you eat and do not eat anything that is rich in carbs. But that’s not the general meaning. The general meaning is don’t eat anything, starve yourself out. After all, that’s how it’s done in prisons, right?

Here’s a thing that dumbnuts do not know. When our body does not get nutrients or required amount of carbohydrates for a long time, it sort of enters a low metabolism period. In this phase, our body does not burn extra calories, not even the ones that we are trying to get rid of. At the first chance it gets, it assimilates all the carbs that you eat and leaves you very hungry and craving. Starving yourself out won’t do you any good.

It is precisely because of that reason that nutrient experts advise everyone never to skip breakfast. After a long 6-8 hours period onan empty stomach, you need to jumpstart your metabolism and system. Do not do that and you risk fatigue all day long.

The same goes when you are on phentermine. Phentermine does suppress your hunger but you would be a fool if you think that you can speed up the whole ordeal by not eating even what’s required by your body at regular intervals. If your stomach does not get food for a long time, your metabolism rate drops and so does the effectiveness of phentermine. You won’t be doing yourself a favor by fasting all day long while you take phentermine to lose weight. That’s not wise.

The correct way to lose weight while you try out phentermine is by taking your daily balanced diet.

Now there’s a word we tend to hear every time we want weight loss- balanced diet. A person who understands that terms are the one who would ultimately achieve his/her goal of weight loss. A balanced diet does not mean only protein or carbohydrates or just simply roughage to boost your digestion, it means taking into account all the above-mentioned elements in the right proportions. Only then can phentermine work its true magic and give you the look you so badly want.