Why is Drinking Lots of Water So Important While on Phentermine


Being overweight is not cool. It is not only unhealthy but also it makes you prone to other various issues. You might become a victim of high blood pressure, your heart rate may not stay normal and also, the most important thing is, you cannot wear whatever you want. So you definitely want to lose those extra amounts of body fats don’t you? And in that case what comes as a rescue is Phentermine. But, in order to get best results you need to follow a few things and take some measures.

Phentermine does have a few side effects. But with right guidelines and right use, those minor side effects can be eliminated. The first thing you need to remember while taking Phentermine is you need to drink a lot and lot of water. The reason you need to drink a lot of water while you are on Phentermine is that because of the side effect of dry mouth. Phentermine might dry your mouth to very bad extent. Also, you might also have to deal with issues like diarrhea and constipation. Drinking water will lower down the possibilities of such side effects.

Now some people might think of substituting water with other fluids like coffee, soda, soft drinks or iced teas. But this is not advisable because these other fluids are not going to help you to take phentermine out of your system. These are only going to dilute any water you drink. Also, without enough water in your body, your body cannot absorb the medication properly. And thus, the medication does not enter into your bloodstream properly. Or even if it does, it is going to be very difficult for your body to accept the medication which means longer and slower progress in your weight loss journey. It might also increase the risks of side effects.

However, leaving all the other reasons aside, the most important thing water does is that water suppresses your hunger. We all get those cravings in between our meals and we end up eating junks or end up taking some unhealthy snacks. But when you drink a lot of water, water suppresses your hunger and thus you do not feel hungry. But lack of water in your system might make you feel hungry even if you are on phentermine medication.

Well water is the most important thing you need to include in your diet if you are going to use phentermine medication. Drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day to keep yourself hydrated and improve the function of your body. Otherwise, in some cases you also might misinterpret your thirst for hunger.  It is advisable to drink chilled water rather than hot water. It is easier to absorb and you feel better if you drink chilled water. But make sure to take doctor’s advice or your best nutritionist’s advice before going to take phentermine in order to avoid unwanted side effects. The best diet and best exercise will always give you best results with phentermine. Keep yourself healthy and stay happy!

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